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Posted - Sunday, October 8, 2006  -  6:25 AM Reply with quote

Say: the things that my Lord hath indeed forbidden are: shameful deeds, whether open or secret; sins and trespasses against truth or reason; assigning of partners to Allah, for which He hath given no authority; and saying things about Allah of which ye have no knowledge.

Posted - Sunday, October 8, 2006  -  10:16 AM Reply with quote
for raushan and lovall
i have indicated that no quranic references wll be accepted. havenot you red or you hve some eye prolem. If you are not so shameless and unanswerable be calm and donot try to \beat about the bushes.
see here the answar if you are so ignorant.
the answer satisfy everyone of every religon. click and read it being a neutral only.
do not feel shame to acquire the knowledge from any other source if quran is lacking the comrpehesicve answer. Quran only imposes its ambiguos knowedege blindly to the blind people without making understand its reders. therefore I donot accept the ambiguos answer of quran you quoted. those who are unanswerable produce such quotes yo did.

Posted - Sunday, October 8, 2006  -  10:44 AM Reply with quote
I have my eyevision 6/6 medically confirmed.

I clicked the link you pasted in your lovely post and found a webpage asking to download Bhagwat geeta in pdf or Poscript format.

The answer was not there ,It might be in any of the shlokas of the Geeta .

So,with due respect and humble gesture ,may I request you to quote those verses which as per you "satisfy everyone of every religion."

Believe me I will really not ashamed to acquire knowledge from any source.
Let me quote you one thing from Upnishad "uttam vidya chandal se bhi grahan karni chhahiye"

waiting for your quotes from Shri mad Bhagwat Geeta.

Posted - Sunday, October 8, 2006  -  11:39 AM Reply with quote
First and foremeost, we must agree to disagree and debate in manners that are appropriate. We must respect every faith.

The muslim belief about God is that God has created this world as a test for human beings.The purpose is that depending upon their deeds and actions in this world , the decision about their life after death and eternal life will take place.

The Muslims believe that God has not created man deaf and blind but with a basic intellect. On top of that he has a revealed guidance from the Holy Scripture in those matters that he may not decipher with his intellect.

We know to murder, steal lie or cheat are wrong. we do not need the Qur'an to tell us that.This is basic intellect.
This is possessed by all.

The human being has two tests in this world and if he/she succeeds he/she will have everlasting life in Paradise.

I would add that contrary to the belief of other mon thesist religions, Islam categorically states that not every muslim will enter Paradise. Every Muslim needs to earn His/her Paradise solely with their actions and deeds. There is a consenus among muslim scholars that Paradise will not have only Muslims in it. God will decide for everyone, individually. We know however that "knowlingly believing in shirk" is deemed an unforgiveable sin.

The two tests we face in this world are firstly, if we are rich, famous, beautiful or intelligent, how did we use these gifts. Were we thankful or proud and misused them .In contrast , if we are poor, in ill health or in difficulties, were we staedfast and patient or were we complaining all teh time.

The second test according to the Qur'an is that God is in everything around us,The precise working of solar system,the seasons, who teaches the siblings of the birds to fly and the siblings of a duck to swim.A human child takes 12-18 months to walk while a sibling of an animal in the wild starts to walk within a couple of hours, its survival depends on that. How does the sibling of an animal know about breast feeding. How do animals and birds know about looking after their siblings without ante natal classes. Some eat and regurgitate food so that children can digets broken down food. How does a drop of fluid create a six foot tall human being. Every machinery around us breaks even computers. and human heart, lungs and all systems in their body keep functioning despite sleep. The Qur'an asks about sleep. what is sleep. It is a reminder that on day we will close our eyes forever.

Our test is that we have been given an intellect this seperates us from animals. The animals build homes, look for food and produce children. but human beings have been given intellect. Our purpose of life is different.

The question is that with our intellect and God's reflection in everything around us, will we discover God or not.

If God was visible then there would be no test or diversity of religion.

This is my very limited understanding upon this question.

Posted - Monday, October 9, 2006  -  6:23 AM Reply with quote

..... Quran only imposes its ambiguos knowedege blindly to the blind people without making understand its reders. therefore I donot accept the ambiguos answer of quran you quoted. ...

respected madam,

Here are the verses from chapter no 112 (title sincerity)of Quran:

Say: He, Allah, is One.
Allah is He on Whom all depend
He begets not, nor is He begotten
And none is like Him.

plz point out the "ambiguity" in any of the verses which cant be understood.

or else you quote a verse from quran which is ambiguous ..

Posted - Monday, October 9, 2006  -  2:16 PM Reply with quote
waseem,you said……….. This is my very limited understanding upon this question.

you not only have a limited understanding upon this question but donot know even the ABC of the matter. your answer is no more to beat about the bushes. so i agree to disagree with your satan’s intestin like story and i also do the same to its vivid irrelevancy and nonsenseness of your answar to the very simple queston or you are x on raushan who is ix.

Posted - Monday, October 9, 2006  -  3:48 PM Reply with quote
I have no problem in accepting my short comings. I am sorry that I have not been able to answer your questions. What I could not understand is that, are you trying to find an answer or are you trying to teach us something that we do not know.

I believe that we must all seek and follow the path of truth.

The Qur'an says " Call to your Lord wih wisdom and sincere exhortations and debate with them in manners that are appropriate"

If we are having an open discussion then let us discuss the issue with reasoning.In the end we may or may not convince each other. But let us discuss with our reasons and not resort to personal slander.

As I understand this is an academic and educational forum, let us address others as we expect to be addressed ourselves.

I would like to say that if I ask a question from someone, I would not put stipulations that you cannot quote the Qur'an.Every person has a right to voice their opinion, whether one agrees or not is a different matter.What I find even more difficult to understand is that whilst you do not want anyone to quote the Qur'an you have e-mailed the answer to the question by giving the e-mail address of Baghwat Gita.

In my very humble opinion, we should have an open academic discussion, stating our points of view. whether we convince each other or not is secondry. But the first rule should be that we discuss with an open mind leaving any bias on the door step. If I am entering a discussion convinced that I am right, then I will never gain any thing out of it.

Posted - Wednesday, October 11, 2006  -  12:02 PM Reply with quote
hello, i do agree to disagree with the self made guys!

Posted - Wednesday, October 11, 2006  -  2:53 PM Reply with quote
you said: What I find even more difficult to understand is that whilst you do not want anyone to quote the Qur'an you have e-mailed the answer to the question by giving the e-mail address of Baghwat Gita.

Baghwat Gita is more detailed, comprehnsive and un-ambiguous than quran which on contrary imposes its knowledge without clearing the things. you can see the difference only after getting through. that was your mispercepton regarding the quote of Baghwat Gita which lator on told by one Pundat, after i put the question. now I donot need any anawer from you.

Posted - Wednesday, October 11, 2006  -  4:34 PM Reply with quote
I am glad that your query has been solved. I respect your views.I am also glad that you have found Baghwat Gita a source of knowledge and awareness.In my opinion,life is about finding the Truth and if someone has found the truth and have internal satisfaction then there is no problem.

Islam is the right path for me. Perhaps it is horses for courses.

Best wishes and good luck

Posted - Thursday, October 12, 2006  -  11:14 AM Reply with quote

Posted - Thursday, October 12, 2006  -  12:21 PM Reply with quote
7 pages hot discussion here.

Posted - Thursday, October 12, 2006  -  12:45 PM Reply with quote
more some here

Posted - Thursday, October 12, 2006  -  1:13 PM Reply with quote
no one buy this!!!!!!!


Posted - Sunday, October 15, 2006  -  9:01 AM Reply with quote
We must always be amazed when we hear people feel difficulty by putting their trust wholeheartedly in God. I think one of the most important implied teachings in every Holy book of every religion is to stay in relationship with God during all the times in our lives. He is near our Jugular vein (the biggest vein in the neck).

Prophet Musa (Aleh salam) used to talk to God without seeing Him, on the mountain Toor. One day Musa (Aleh salam) asked God to show Himself. God replied, “I will do you have requested” When God showed Himself, Musa (Aleh salam) couldn’t tolerate the glimpse of God’s glory and turned his back towards God and the whole mountain Toor conversed into a heap of ash. It is said that the “Surma” used to apply in the eyes is the particles of ashed mountain Toor. So, can we (the ordinary people) tolerate, if we see God directly while a prophet couldn’t? God knows better than us the secrets of Him being hidden?

NOTE: I have mentioned the above what heard from the different people. I am not fully sure about the story. Anyone may do the correction.

Even today, in the modern time with almost every sort of latest equipments available, we are still helpless to reach end of any worldly research in any field. One stage is reached when even a Nobel’s award winner says, “The Mechanism is unknown”

Regarding the existence of God, one may be reluctant to believe. He/she may say, “The world is autonomous” But one thing, which nullifies this concept, is that despite our every possible struggle sometimes our every will and plan is not fulfilled or completed. So there is some invisible power behind our wills and planes, which is called God.

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