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Topic initiated on Wednesday, September 6, 2006  -  11:08 AM Reply with quote
ramzaan mubbarak is approaching.....

salaam everyone,
the beautiful time of ramzaan mubbarak is fast approaching us InshALLAH, and then we have Eid ul fitr. every year in the uk we have a problem when it comes to ramzaan and eid ul fiter and it becomes depressing. here in the uk the mosques can never unanimously agree upon the day of ramzaan and eid. over the years things have got so bad that it is splitting families up on these beautiful days. people from the same families are celebrating eid on different days and i absoulty hate it. its becoame a joke here, that even the western people laugh and say muslims cant even decide when its thier christmas.

As i have known Ramzaan and eid are celebrated by the sighting of the new moon, but here sadly its decided by mosque committees. here you keep fasts when the leaders of these mosques decide regradless of the fact that the new moon has been sighted or not.

this has spoilt ramzaan and eid for us so badly, why can they not decide to start ramzaan on the same day for the whole of the country? why can we not celebrate eid together as one? why dont these commitee leaders just follow the moon and not spoil it for all just because they want to out do each other against other mosques, in the battle of who is right and who is wrong. you know the begali community is the only one that sticks together and does eid and ramzaan following the sighting of the moon regardless of if they are not with the rest of the commuinty. i have great respect for them. and the rest need to get their acts together.

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