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Topic initiated on Sunday, August 13, 2006  -  1:21 PM Reply with quote
An Urgent Petition to God!

I am suggesting that we suspend all appeals for a moment, and appeal to the One who hears all prayers, who knows all events and who has power over all things ..By: Imam Abu Laith Luqman Ahmad

I am heartbroken that we are witnessing so many trials and atrocities committed against Muslim and non-Muslim peoples and we are seemingly helpless to stop it. We are protesting, begging, appealing, and threatening boycotts, writing letters to politicians, and asking the creation to help us, feed us, accept us, love us, tolerate us, befriend us, be just to us, to listen to us, send aid to us, to dialogue with us. Yet, the destruction continues unabated. The atrocities mount, the injustices continue by us, and against us. The annihilation and murderous rampage in Lebanon is just the latest in a long list of human savagery against its own kind.

I believe that the matter is beyond us, that it requires intervention by One who never sleeps, who hears every prayer, who keeps every promise, who is Just, and commands justice and who has power over all matters. It is the way of Prophets that in times of urgency, they call upon Allah ; that they acknowledge their wrongs, and turn to Him. Starting with the Prophet Adam and his wife; "Oh our Lord, surely we have wronged our own souls and if you do not forgive us and have mercy upon us, then surely we shall be amongst the losers."1 The Prophet Jonah ; "And he cried out in the darkness, there is no God but thee, glory to Thee, surely I have been among the wrong doers."2 Thus Allah said of him; "And had he not been of those who glorify (Me) he would have dwelt in his belly until the day that they are resurrected."3

And our Lord heard the cry of the pleading woman from above seven heavens: "Verily Allah has heard the word of the woman who argued with you regarding her husband and she complained to Allah, and Allah heard your discourse, surely Allah is the All Hearing and All Seeing."4 The Prophet Zakariyya , called upon His Lord and asked for a son in old age: "Oh Lord grant me from you a righteous progeny, verily You hear prayers; and the angels called him while he was praying in his niche (saying) verily Allah gives you glad tiding of Yahya as a confirmation and a word from Allah."5

I am ashamed to my Lord that we seem to be asking for everyone's help, when we have a Lord who merely has to say "be" and it becomes a reality. I am suggesting that we suspend all appeals for a moment, and appeal to the One who hears all prayers, who knows all events and who has power over all things. For a moment, instead of press conferences, boycotts, and pleas, we should turn our attention to Allah . I am confident that if we show Allah that we are willing to change, that we put our trust in Him, and turn collectively, to Him for help, He will help us. If we demonstrate to Allah that we are patient with adversity, surely our Lord is a Good Lord; He will send glad tidings upon us. "So give tidings to the patient, those who when affliction befalls them they say; "Surely we are from Allah and surely to him we shall return, upon such are the salawaat from their Lord and such are those who are rightly guided."

I swear by Allah, in whose hand is my soul, I believe that if we as a global Muslim community, call upon Him, He will answer our prayers. I am advising that we all repent to Him, and instead of collecting signatures, we collect trash from the street, sandwiches for the needy, money for the children in Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Darfur, Watts, Harlem, and the ghettoes of Europe, Africa and Asia. Instead of political discourse during our Jum'ah prayers should we talk about Allah. We should glorify His Holy name, we should praise Him, call upon Him, pray together and beg him for mercy, for forgiveness, for change. Surely Allah hears those who praise Him

I was inspired to write the following supplication, and I am confident that if millions of us around the world, say this or something similar to it, with sincerity, we shall see a change in our condition very shortly. We have nothing to lose and so much to gain. Wa Allahu Must'taaan, a bihi tawfiq

Imam Abu Laith Luqman Ahmad

Quranic Notes:

7:23 Al-Aaraaf
21:87 al-Anbiyaa
37:144 As-Saaffaat
58:1 al-Mujaadila
3:37-38 al-Imraan


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