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Topic initiated on Monday, August 7, 2006  -  2:37 PM Reply with quote
Learn and practice Islam

Assalamualykum. Couple of days I am reading this forum discussion, I have to appretiate the participants knowledges mashaAllah. Its not only the matter that someone know a lot but should learn how to present. Participants seems like that wants to prove that ''I know a lot and my point of view is correct and all the others are wrong'' and are being judgemental. Participants talking about tolerance and patience but oneself not following at all. During discussion also throwing soil and muds between each other........telling each other stupid members............IS it islamic discussion? When someone present something should think the other participants feel interesting to learn it. But in this discussion forum, some participants sent a long presentation for which the optimum point of view get lost? What the use by knowing and not practice the Islam in your daily life? Don't you think for a single moment, what's is our intention? IS it to prove own knowledge or make me a good muslims? Also metioning ''Allah watch us always'' and don't you be scared for a single moment?

Posted - Tuesday, August 8, 2006  -  10:50 PM Reply with quote
salaam lubna,

i see what you are writing and maybe you are right but about myself all i can say is i feel i only know a DROP in the ocean regarding islam.
im always striving to learn more and have a hunger for learning about my beautiful religion and pray Allah SWT give me guidance to gain so much more knowlege, and be it only the true knowledge. Ameen

Posted - Wednesday, August 9, 2006  -  1:38 PM Reply with quote
Assalamualykum Sahira. I pray the same as you do, Ameen

Posted - Wednesday, August 9, 2006  -  2:55 PM Reply with quote
Assalamualaikum Sahira. With the mercy of Allah, I want to make friendship with you. Here is my email address; yasminlubna@yahoo.com

if you are interested, please send me email InshaAllah.

lubna (sister in Islam)

Posted - Thursday, August 10, 2006  -  12:16 AM Reply with quote
walakam aslaam lubna,

iv taken down your email and inshAllah i will email you very shortly and yes ofcourse we can be friends i would love to be friends with loads more fellow muslimahs, it would be great to share our beuatiful religion together.

Posted - Thursday, August 17, 2006  -  6:31 PM Reply with quote
assalamualaikum lubna and sahira
how r u sisters. even i make the same dua to allah (subhana tala) to guide every one in the way of islam and give them hidayath to follow the right path.
ameen suma meen
allah hafiz

Posted - Monday, September 4, 2006  -  8:06 PM Reply with quote
Salaamu Alaikom wa Rahmatullah.
I agree wholeheartedly with the point in your post lubnayasmin. We all have to think why we are here at this site and this forum, is it to learn about Islam and to try to develop ourselfes as Muslims for the sake of Allah, or is it to show off?
One very very dangerous form of Shirk is Shirk Asghar and in this form of shirk is included something called ar-Riya (pride). If I do something with the intention that people shall see me instead of doing it for the sake of Allah then this is pride or ar-riya. We have to behave and follow the Islamic rules of conduct and moral even over the internet. To backbite someone with the help of the keyboard is not different than to do it with the mouth. May Allah SWT make us strongin Deen.

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