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Topic initiated on Wednesday, May 10, 2006  -  7:40 PM Reply with quote
back 2 basics

Asalaam everybody
i know this is a bit basic, but its amazing how many of us over look the most simplest basis of our religion- the true meaning of belief
i just thought id sum it up for you guys quickly- sorry its kinda brief

You believe what you believe because it is YOU who chose to believe it

never give your religion as an excuse to do something

The next time you have to excuse yourself to pray for example, see how much of a difference it makes by saying,

'I want to go and pray now'

instead of

'I have to go and pray now'

Similarly, try saying something like

'I don't like to drink'

instead of

'My religion doesnt allow me to drink'

Over all, it forms an impression of an individual who can think for themselves, and does things because they chose to do it, not because they were told to.

Remember, you testified to believe in one God and Muhammed as His last messenger because the aspect made sense to you, not because the muslims look like a bunch of strongwilled people who will back you up in an arguement.


never use your religion as an excuse not to do something.

If you have a brain, you'll find the logic behind what you believe and explain why you yourself choose to believe it.

w.salaam ^_^

Posted - Saturday, May 20, 2006  -  3:41 PM Reply with quote
I DISAGREE with you!

For example

YOUR QUOTE: - never give your religion as an excuse to do something. Similarly, try saying something like 'I don't like to drink' instead of 'My religion doesnt allow me to drink'

Why should someone try to say, “I don't like to drink' instead of my religion doesn’t allow me to drink” because someone likes drinking and has given it up only for God as the religion has taught him/her? If he/she has given it up only for God then it has much reward from God rather than he/she doesn’t like to drink.

Suppose one person never does drinking due to his own reason and the other one has stopped for the pleasure of God, who is more loved by God and the which statement is more effective to convey to others the message of Islam?

Posted - Tuesday, May 6, 2008  -  4:30 PM Reply with quote
yeah but ur arguement only works if the person ur explaining this to actually believes God exists in the first place. hw can u expect a non muslim to understand that u dont drink because god will love u more if u dont?
wen u excuse urself from this sorta stuff in a social gathering u dont really have the time to start a social/political/philosophical debate- its just simply rejecting an offer to drink, theres 2 ways of saying no-
1) either u say U dont want to OR
2) because your RELIGION doesnt want u to- the second implies that its u that made hte conscious decision not to drink because u personally decided not to follow a faith blindly but understand that every rule u adhere to has a reason behind it.

Edited by: tweety on Tuesday, May 06, 2008 4:32 PM

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