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Topic initiated on Thursday, April 20, 2006  -  3:24 PM Reply with quote
"The Islamophobia Conference 2006".

The largest International Interaction in Europe, Denmark itself, since the publication of the Danish cartoons.

Book your weekend now for Copenhegan, Denmark. Sat 13th May 06 "The Islamophobia Conference 2006".
This conference will be the largest International interaction since the publication of the Danish cartoons. The conference takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark on Saturday 13th May 2006 at the Bella Center.
The conference will encourage mutual respect and understanding for Islam and other religions, in order to attain a more peaceful world.


Posted - Wednesday, May 3, 2006  -  7:08 AM Reply with quote
Members UK Chapter/Europe can contact us if they are having problems booking.

Posted - Sunday, May 7, 2006  -  9:35 PM Reply with quote
alsalamo alykom warahmatto allahi wabrakatto ....and salto wassalamo ala rasouli allahi sala allahu alayhi wassalam ....thanks alot to give me this opportunity to visit the islamic channel ...and inshallah i will se or listen to this program ...its important for any mouslim ......and from my sitting here i give all my appreciation to pakistani people...for their struggel..

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