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Topic initiated on Sunday, March 19, 2006  -  6:32 AM Reply with quote
Being consultant for a beer factory, is that permi

I am living not in Islamic Country (Islamic sheriah). I am working in one university as lecturer. The question I want to ask is as follows.
there is one beer factory arround the university. this factory write a letter to the university saying that it needs the university to be its consultant for its newly deployed Informtion system. The Information System the factory plans to develop includes software development, networking and so on. now the university directs the request to my faculty. and finaly the faculty dean forwards the request to our department (Department of Computer Science and IT). I am currently the head of the department. now the question comes. they asked me to respond to the factory saying yes or no to the request (consultancy service). I bleive that we can be consultant for them. and my colligues also have the capablity to be consultant . my question is is that permissible to be consultant to this beer factory. i need the replay quickly
Jezakellah in advance

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Posted - Tuesday, March 21, 2006  -  8:48 AM Reply with quote
Wa Alaikum us Salaam

Well, according to The Shareea'h of Islam, There's Only ONE problem in Becoming a Consultant in a Beer Factory. You will Have to decide yourself that, if U join, Does That FALL in the Category of "Ta'aaWun 'aLa-l-iTHm" [Co-opration in an Evil (that in your Case is a HaRaaM) Thing] or NOT?

on the Other Hand, You've to Give DUE consideration to THIS FACT that they are Your Neighbours as Well.
Being a Neighbour, they have the rights to Do this Request & then to Expact that their Desire will be Fulfilled.
Who knows that after accepting this offer One may be able to Find a Chance to Spread Islam & It's Teachings even in a Bear Factory.

Well Wud U plz tell us that What is the product of THIS Factory i.e. Give us SOME detail of the Factory WORK. I do hope then we'll be Able to Help U make a better Dicision.


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Posted - Wednesday, March 22, 2006  -  7:03 PM Reply with quote
In the time of the prophet, there were Jews and pagans who commited sin, sold alcohol, did gambling, charged usury and interest, etc. We should now ask ourselves, did the prophet stop dealing with these people? Did he stop trading with them his goods? He was a merchant by profession. I think your situation is similar, where you are going into a business contract with a company that is doing something haram. So if the prophet continued doing business with people who were doing haram, then it should be ok, but if he did not do business with someone who was making alcohol, then you should not do business with this beer factory. And Allah knows best.

Posted - Friday, March 24, 2006  -  6:49 AM Reply with quote
Well, I think, The Case of Dealing withe THESE type of people & to Do Trade with them are Totally Different things as BOTH can NOT be taken as "Cooperation in the Evil things" whereas To become a Consultant in a BEER Factory is Almost a DIRECT HELP in that Business. Is'nt it Like that? JUST consider That If One Is Offered to become a Computer Asstt. FOR a WHORE to Prepare JUST a DataBase for her Visitors, What wud be Your Advise in this Case???

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