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Topic initiated on Tuesday, March 14, 2006  -  3:34 AM Reply with quote
Combining Prayers...


I learned that the fard portion of the Zhur, Asr and Magrib prayers can be combine with it's succeeding prayer. However, during a salat video tape, I used to learn about prayer, a scholar stated that the Fajr prayer is the only prayer that cannot be combined-with any other prayer. Is this correct? Please provide your knowledge about this matter.
Salaam, Quan

Posted - Tuesday, March 14, 2006  -  8:15 AM Reply with quote
No prayer out of five can be combined with it's succeeding prayer.This is a totally misleading information.
Please checkout the following site for prayer's timings and other details.


Posted - Tuesday, March 14, 2006  -  11:33 PM Reply with quote
Maybe the word succeeding threw my statement out of place. Example: Say I unintentially missed the Zhur prayer, when it's time for the Asr prayer I perform 4 raakat fard (Asr), 4 raakat sunnah(Asr) and 4 raakat fard (Zuhr). Is this acceptable? Thank you for providing the website, however, there was no content about not combining prayers...
Where did you get your information from?

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Posted - Wednesday, March 15, 2006  -  3:57 AM Reply with quote
Walaikum Salam Quan

Sorry for misunderstanding,

What I know about it,if some one used to pray regularly and if he missed any of prayer,so he must performed the fard of missed prayer Ist, then carryon the next prayer.

If someone missed the Zhur prayer, when it's time for the Asr prayer he has to perform 4 raakat fard (Zuhr), 4 raakat sunnah(Asr) and 4 raakat fard (Asr).If he is praying with Jamat the (Asr) and there is no time to performed the(Zuhr),then he should join the jamat in (Asr) first.

You ask me that where did I got this information.Brother this is comes in the basic of our religion and one should know about it.

. 'Abdullah ibn Mas'ud, Radi-Allahu anhu, relates:

I never observed the Messenger of Allah perform any prayer out of its time except at Muzdalifa. He combined Maghrib and 'Isha at Muzdalifa (Sahih al-Bukhari 1:227, Sahih Muslim 1:417, Sharh Ma'ani 'l-athar 1:164).

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Posted - Wednesday, March 15, 2006  -  8:04 AM Reply with quote
Well It's RIGHT that we shud OFFER our 5 Prayers at their specific 5 different TIMES
Bcoz Our Prophet (pbuh) has Constantly advised the Followers of Islam that they shud Go for The EASIEST Possible way/solution that is already Present in the Religion OR it is Been DERIVED from it.
in the Case Of Combining Prayers ( that is Termed as "Jam e Salat" in the Fiqh) we SEE the Following "USWAH" of Our BELOVED Prophet (pbuh):

1- Only Zuhar & Asar OR Maghrib & Esha can be Combined w Eachother
2- ASAR can be Offered w ZUHUR at Zuhur Time OR ZUHURcan be Joined w ZUHUR at Asar Time (i.e. at Any Time From the Starting Time of Zuhur till the Last time of Asar IF needed)
3- Same is the Case of Maghrib & Esha Prayers.
4- This "Jam e Salat" is DONE when it is NEEDED i.e. during ALL Emergency Sutations (i.e when Following Routine Becomes Difficult for anyone) like Travelling, Severe Illness etc.

(Beware that the "Jam e Salat" Itself shud NOT become a ROUTINE)

I do Hope that This will help Readers in understanding THIS Issue as well as Knowing One of the V Important & Basic Principal of Islam.

All +ve Critisism is Always Welcomed Here

Posted - Wednesday, March 15, 2006  -  9:31 AM Reply with quote
Q.) Can you combine Zuhr with Asr and Maghrib with Isha salat while traveling? What do the different madhabs say about this? JazakAllahkhair.
A.) According to the Hanafi school, it is not permitted to combine the prayers and take a prayer out of its prayer time by either delaying it or performing it before its time. The only exception they have in this, based on the narration of Abdullah ibn Mas'ud, is in Arafat (where Zuhr and 'Asr are combined) and in Muzdalifa (where Maghrib and 'Isha are combined). The remaining three schools permit combining in other circumstances too as when a person is traveling, or it is raining heavily, etc.

There are many ahadith related on this issue and have been discussed by the four schools. The Hanafis have judged all the narrations on this issue to be based on the method of "apparent combining" [Jam' al-Suri] not "real combining" [jam' al-Haqiqi]. This position is based on the fact that we are told to make every prayer on time, and there are ahadith of Ibn Mas'ud which clarify that the Prophet never combined the prayers together [by taking a prayer out of its time] except in 'Arafat and Muzdalifa during the pilgrimage.


Posted - Sunday, March 19, 2006  -  5:22 AM Reply with quote
Allah u Akbar...
Thank you, to all those who have responded to my concerns of combining prayers.

I have confidence that what Allah (SWT) has deemed in reference to making Salat is what I perform and is acceptable, insha-allah.
Salaam brothers.

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