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Topic initiated on Monday, March 13, 2006  -  6:45 PM Reply with quote
Grandeur of Islamic Civilization

In a speach titled,‘Technology, business and our way of life: What’s next? (delivered in Minneapolis, Minnesota), Carly Fiorina, Chairman and CEO of Hewlett-Packard Company, made a refference to the glory of Islamic Civilization under the khilafah in the follwing words:

"...this civilization was driven more than anything, by invention. Its architects designed buildings that defied gravity. Its mathematicians created the algebra and algorithms that would enable the building of computers, and the creation of encryption. Its doctors examined the human body, and found new cures for disease. Its astronomers looked into the heavens, named the stars, and paved the way for space travel and exploration.

Its writers created thousands of stories. Stories of courage, romance and magic. Its poets wrote of love, when others before them were too steeped in fear to think of such things.

When other nations were afraid of ideas, this civilization thrived on them, and kept them alive. When censors threatened to wipe out knowledge from past civilizations, this civilization kept the knowledge alive, and passed it on to others.

While modern Western civilization shares many of these traits, the civilization I'm talking about was the Islamic world from the year 800 to 1600, which included the Ottoman Empire and the courts of Baghdad, Damascus and Cairo, and enlightened rulers like Suleiman the Magnificent."

Such was the grandeur of Islamic Civilization under Khilafah, where Islam was implelmented in all sphers of life. Our policy makers, Intellectuals, and influential citizens have much to learn, and implement from the magnificant History of their muslim ancestors.

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