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Topic initiated on Friday, March 3, 2006  -  8:26 PM Reply with quote

one day, some months ago, in a small, quiet room by myself, i sat peacefully in front of my computer, picked up the mouse, and began to work on searching the other rooms, wandering here and there, not really knowing what i was going to do, and how.

a few minutes later, i put my mouse down for a moment to pause for breath, look around, and find that i was now in a different room, a much bigger one, filled with all kinds of the people, some of the people were standing in front of me i.e. very close to me as they were touching and smudging me and my all the things, others were behind me looking at me from a distance; some were standing right next to me, telling me how to hold the mouse and others etc, and criticising me whenever i make a mistake or not, and a few were working like me on parts of the same all by themselves.

it was is still not a personal work for me, and i thought i have managed to keep working on it in the same spirit as when it all started; a mixture of fun, learning, and contribution. i spent some days being part of a remarkable community made up of people from all over our planet, and that, in no small way, is part of what has kept me enjoying it, and believing in it.

i have also had to learn to accept criticism, which is hard for something that's personal; but i wouldn't be where it is today with help from many people over it. i have not even a little time for it now inspite of i have had to learn to treat some worst aspects of it, which i am not happy about..

i still sometimes enjoy working on the room, i am a bit more tired now but i think everyone must feel now more relaxed and untired.

i hope you all now enjoy and i apologise to everyone for any offence hoping they should forgive me.


Posted - Saturday, March 4, 2006  -  5:44 AM Reply with quote
oho........hope you aren't leaving us bhavittre and will continue to share

Posted - Saturday, March 4, 2006  -  11:12 AM Reply with quote
You are my favourite participant bhavittre,I will request you to keep participating in the forums.

Posted - Sunday, March 5, 2006  -  10:12 AM Reply with quote
thank you hkhan and usmani for the cooperation

Posted - Wednesday, March 8, 2006  -  8:40 AM Reply with quote
Well You are always Welcome Here

I wud like to REMIND here ONCE AGAIN that
it Shud BE clear to Every Participant that All Discussion on the Forums Shud Be on the Basis of Aruguments & the Presentation shud be with the Intention to "Clear My point of View to Others" & NOT to Prove others WRONG.

So Ms Bhavittre! I hope U'll Continue participating here as WE too need Regular Particpants Like U.

Posted - Thursday, March 9, 2006  -  8:40 AM Reply with quote
Salam brother,

I request you not to leave this forum.


Posted - Sunday, April 2, 2006  -  3:43 AM Reply with quote
thank you. despite creating this forum i read your posts sksamsherali with keen interst because they are well based and according to true knowledge of quran present in the times of the prophet. hadths were actually created by the corrupt muslims to have the chances to adulterate the religion deliberately nothing else.

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