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Topic initiated on Monday, February 27, 2006  -  8:44 AM Reply with quote
Time for Contemplation

Time for Contemplation
by Sharique Naeem

Recently, Denmark has been the focus of all the fury and rage in the muslim world. However the fact is that these Blasphemous cartoons have already been published in over 30 countries, including Netherlands, Norway, Iceland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria etc.

Although some leaders of the western world have apologized for hurting the Muslims feelings, yet the fact that the publications go unabated, goes to show that the issue stems deeper than just isolated case of a publication.

The western state model is based upon the notion of complete separation of State and Religion. On this basic notion, are based the four principles of: Freedom of belief, Freedom of Ownership, Freedom of Expression, and Personal Freedom. From this doctrine emanates the systems of Capitalism, and Democracy, which are meant to ensure the preservation and propagation of the basic founding principles.

That implies that Democracy is in fact a ruling system for the secular doctrine. Thereby, in a secular state, if the majority of people agree upon a certain law, say legalizing homosexuality, than this law is implemented. Similarly, if to ensure personal freedoms, the common man if free to commit adultery and incest. Likewise, it is the ‘self-interest’ which decides the actions of the individual, group, or state under this system. This approach is reflected in the policies of these governments, who engage into colonial occupation, only to keep gas prices down back at home.

Following the same lines, the economic system that emanates from the secular doctrine is only meant to serve a handful. The manifestation of which we find in our times, for example, while Some places in Africa suffer with mass starvation, America dumps food into the sea only to keep the prices in their favor.

Such a system, therefore grants its people the right to express freely. The result of which we can see today: The publication of Blasphemous caricatures.

Contrary to this, the Muslim Ummah, has an altogether different ideology, and that is Islam. In Islam state and religion are inseparable. Both collective and individual freedoms are limited, and actions are solely done on the gauge of Hallal and Haram. The ideology of Muslims, is complete and inclusive. It provides not just a complete and comprehensive system, but also a method to implement that system, a method to preserve the ideology of Islam, and a method to propagate this ideology.

Islamic ideology gives the system of Khilafah, which has its own unique, Ruling system, Judiciary, Social system, Foreign policy, education system and Economic System. All of them emanates from the Quran and Sunnah.

For the Muslim world at large, it is time for deep contemplation. The Ummah cannot go on accepting the tools such as democracy and interest based economies which emanates from the secular doctrines of west, and yet voice out against the freedom of expression embedded in their state apparatus. As an analogy, certainly it will be naïve to borrow their cars, and yet voice out against the car engine.

Genuine and sincere love for the Prophet (pbuh) therefore demands that the Ummah, revives its own system of Khilafah, given by Islam, and our beloved Prophet. And completely reject the secular state models and their values.

By doing so, the world at large, can then be shown the manifestation of Islam as a complete way of life, meant for the betterment of all humankind. Only then will the hypocrisy and shallowness of the capitalist secular states be made visible to all.

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