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Topic initiated on Monday, February 27, 2006  -  12:14 AM Reply with quote
Rapes of minors in Pakistan

I did a google search '21/2 year old raped pakistan' to read about the recent horror. I continued increasing the age to 17 using the same search. Guess what I found? Most of these rape cases have taken place in the 2005 - 2006 period and that you can find a rape case for almost every age from 3 - 17.

Now these are cases which made it to the police and the news. what of the many that go unreported or never make it to the news?

I mean three girls, 2.5, 4 and 5 year olds, raped in 2006 itself??



THIS has reference to a news report (Feb 22) on the rape of a TWO AND A HALF year old girl in Jhang. (2006)


DASKA: A FOUR-year-old girl was raped at Nagor village on Monday. (2006)


MAILSI: The police on Thursday arrested a youth for raping a FIVE-year-old girl. (2006)


September 28, 2005: a man convicted of raping and murdering a SIX-year-old girl was executed in central Pakistan. (SEPTEMBER 2005)


life took a horrifying turn for the cherub-faced SEVEN-year-old the morning of May 29...Sharee had been raped. (JULY 2004)


LAHORE: Passers-by detained Shaukat Ali, 22, as he attempted to drown the body of Sumaira, EIGHT, in a Tehra village tubewell in Batapura on Saturday. Police say Ali raped the girl, (2002)


Razia Masih..NINE-year-old Pakistani girl to work as a servant.....The initial medical report stated that her right arm was fractured. She had a bruised face with a lacerated left eye. Multiple burns (some superficial and some serious) were observed on her body. The report also listed bruises, wounds, and swelling at different parts of the body. Rope marks around her hands and ankles were present. Her GENITAL area was bruised and she had a lacerated mouth. (JULY 2003)


Taxila/Frankfurt/M. - 7 November 2003. In the Pakistani town of Taxila (province of Punjab) the trial concerning the rape of a TEN-year old girl by her neighbour, (NOVEMBER 2003)


DADU, Oct 16: ELEVEN -year-old in hospital after rape.....A minor girl was criminally assaulted...They took her to an Otaq and raped her. (OCTOBER 2005)


In another case this year, an ELEVEN-year-girl named Nazan was rescued from her husband's family, which beat her, broke her arm and strung her from the ceiling because she didn't work hard enough. (2005)


A TWELVE-year-old Christian girl was reportedly abducted and gang raped by 16 Muslim men in Pakistan. The alleged offence occurred at Rawlpindi, bordering Pakistans capital city of Islamabad. (OCTOBER 2005)


LAHORE: Unidentified men raped and killed a THIRTEEN-year-old boy in Shahdara police precincts. (DECEMBER 2005)


MIRPURKHAS: A man allegedly raped a THIRTEEN-year-old girl in her house at village deh 161 on Monday, (SEPTEMBER 2005)


Another teenage girl has been gang raped by police officials at a police station. ....The terrible incident took place in Islamabad, the country's capital. The FIFTEEN-year-old girl was subjected to the crime between Tuesday and Wednesday night. (MAY 2005)


The rape of a SIXTEEN-year-old girl in Pakistan has been ignored by police because of her religious beliefs....Shakeela Siddique, a Christian from Fatewala village in the northeastern Gujranwala district, was reportedly raped by an influential local Muslim landlord in February 2002. (2002)


Only recently, Nazish, a SEVENTEEN-year-old college student from Sialkot, was raped by police officials at a police station where she had ended up after having been gang-raped for 37 days following her kidnapping in January. (2005)




Lahore: A Pakistani court in the first verdict of its kind has declared valid the marriage of a 12-year-old girl, a lawyer and court officials said on Friday. ......A judge sitting at the High Court in the eastern city of Lahore gave the ruling on the grounds that in Islam a female can marry if she has reached puberty, the officials told AFP. (TO BE READ IN THE CONTEXT OF THE ELEVEN YEAR OLD WIFE ABOVE)


Recently, for instance, the father of an EIGHT-year-old boy reportedly raped by a local maulvi (religious preacher) in Lahore's suburbs withdrew the official complaint after neighbors and acquaintances spent weeks publicly condemning him for attempting to sully the reputation of a holy man.

COMMENT: So if it is our flawed understanding of Islam to hide the sins of holy men, or to consider marriage at the onset of puberty. Such FOUL understandings MUST be DEALT WITH.

Posted - Monday, February 27, 2006  -  2:31 PM Reply with quote
plz pass on the following info. we had put up on the Communities forum at the time to avoid such happenings

female children victims of earth quake

We are pleased to report that the following personnel have contacted us and requested to convey their message that they are a registered organization with the state of Pakistan and are keen to help the female children and older girls who need shelter.
Studying Islam UK Rep. has personally investigated and met Mrs.Zuhra Mumtaz(the incharge of the jamia) and found these people reliable,honest, taking good care of their residents with the help of state and community members.

Dr.Firdaus Ashiq Awan Parliamentary Secretary Cabinet Secretriat, Cabinet division, Govt. of Pakistan fmalik5@msn.com, phones: 0092 51 920 3380 Sialkot: 0092 432 518796, 596753, 518096 mobile:0092 3008402614, 0092 300 9617522, 0092 300 5382 545 has visited the jamia personally and admired the arrangements. She has kindly arranged gas supply to the building recently which has made cooking and heating convenient for the resident girls who live and study religious studies there for various periods.

The organizers help arrange the marriage as well for the girls who do not have families/guardians.

Please contact:
Mrs.Zuhra Mumtaz
mudeeratul jamia sirat e mustaqeem lil banat
Ladeeka town, Gohad Pur
Sialkot, Pakistan.
Phones: office: 0092 432 262349
Res: 0093 432 266454
mobile: 0092 300 9614824


Posted - Sunday, March 19, 2006  -  12:20 AM Reply with quote
Junaid, biggest pity is that no action wud have been taken against these criminals.

Also imagine the cases which have nt come to front and r been buried of namoos and samajh fears.

Apart from deviated individuals, there is sexual harrasment of kids going on in our local religious madrassas on a considerable scale. Who is going to bell that cat?

Posted - Sunday, March 19, 2006  -  6:15 AM Reply with quote
What is the definition of RAPE?

Posted - Saturday, March 25, 2006  -  1:54 PM Reply with quote
well...i suppose its disgusting when stuf like this happens in islamic *ha- suposedly islamic* states- but englands no beter. i read about an 11 month old baby being raped in the news T_T disgusting i no- the worlds just eurgh...i blame the media. its so corrupt nowadays. what else can they expect?!!?!

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