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Topic initiated on Thursday, February 23, 2006  -  11:19 AM Reply with quote
Change. What do you recommend?

Asalamwalaikum brothers and sisters.

There is a Muslim brother that I work with whom I adore so very much. He has helped me a lot in assisting me to Islam. He is the person that showed me the way to Allah, Alhamdulilah!

I have always seen him as a great person, one of the best that I know. He has always had strong and beautiful deen! He has always been on the right path, and comes from a very religous family.
He is from Yemen, living in the United States. I work with him. I have seen him slipping. He is changing. He is not his normal self at all anymore! You can see from his actions, and hear from his speech that his faith and obedience is low even though he has never said this exactly. He is easily bothered, sad, bored, dis-content, angry....And he is doing things that I have never seen him do before, not to say that they are so bad..but they are not good things and its not himself at all! He is not himself, and Islam is not touching his heart.

I have been so worried about him and have tried to help him in so many ways. Anything you can think of, I have probably did it. It is truely breaking my heart to see this, especially from him. The person who I truely respect and who has inspired me.

There is one thing that I know Inshaallah will help and give him the push he needs. Trust me on this one. I have a plan, and part of my plan is that I need a book.

I have told him to read the Quran , and he says I know I know but he but he never does..I think he just doesnt have the want in him to do it...And by the way , he has been very lazy!

So I have an idea, that I will share with you all later..

But , right now what I need is some help.

He speaks english, but not so very well. He can read english too, but not very well at all.

I need a book that is written in ARABIC! A book that will inspire him and touch his heart. A book to remind him. A book that will help him realize and give him the push to do other things such as reading the Quran and going to the Mosque more , ect.

Does anyone know of a good book in Arabic that I can buy that will re-awaken his soul?

Please help me!!!!

God bless you, Amanda

Posted - Thursday, February 23, 2006  -  2:49 PM Reply with quote
Amanda,I appreciate your concern for your brother. I am sorry i can not help you out in suggesting any Arabic book other than the Quran. But i would suggest you to find out the reason behind change in his attitude. Family problems? a new company? Current affairs? Only after that you can take a step to help him out in the right direction. So try to find out the root. But my suggestion would be not to push him hard otherwise he might get irritated.

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