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Topic initiated on Monday, February 20, 2006  -  4:38 PM Reply with quote
Hijaab for Men

Last Ramadhan, i was doing a short radio show with a couple of other sisters and a brother about modesty (hijaab). During the show, we touched upon the aspect of the level of Hijaab (modesty) for men. I was shocked to see that the brother hosting the show with me- who seemed quiet well informed about Islam- totally denied that modesty was required of men in islam altogether. He insisted that it was the sister's duty to cover, act modest and look modest at all times.
I'm not blaming the brother ofcourse- nore am i saying it was out of arrogance, but simply a lack of knowledge. In most Muslim households the tendency to mix culture with tradition is very common, and thus people often confuse the two. For example, asian families particularly from the indian and far eastern subcontinants will insist on women being quiet and keeping out of the way.
Hence people automatically think islam demands the same.
I would encourage everyone who thinks this to analyse the ayahs of the quran very carefully. THe man was told to lower the gaze far before the woman was told to cover herself. Afterall, is it really fair for a wife to be expected to cover head to toe while her husbands eyes freely wander from woman to woman? Or for a mother to expect her daughter to cover and keep quiet in the presence of men while her son can laugh as loudly and talk as imodestly as he likes and eye up any girl he pleases?
I see brothers with gelled up hair, tight jeans and tops- drenched in lynx or berbury all over london. Is that really modest? and when they have to talk to someone- i know im generalising here bt i kind of have to 2 get the point across (dnt mean to insult anyone!)- do they HAVE to yell 'SAFE BRE WATS UP BRO' at the top of their voices so every girl within a like 100 mile radius hears them?!
far from it!
sisters were told to cover to keep the brothers from sin
brothers are therefore expected to do the same
modesty is in the behaviour as well as the dress
plz don't forget
its not a one sided relationship- we both have to keep our heads about this if we want our ummah to succeed ^_^

Posted - Thursday, February 23, 2006  -  3:07 PM Reply with quote
I completly agree with you tweety. Quran tells to guard their gaze and private parts to both believing men and believing women. People who think that only unmodest or unproperly covered woman can attract unwanted attention, are making a mistake. Unmodesty would cause same results if shown by men.

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