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Topic initiated on Sunday, December 25, 2005  -  10:39 AM Reply with quote
merry christmas, happy hanukah and blessed hajj.

merry christmas and happy hanukah and blessed hajj

such a nice diversity but combination of all three..coming from our common father. abraham, the blessed.

hv a luvly time

and lots and lots of blessings and peace

from everyone at studying islam

Posted - Monday, December 26, 2005  -  8:36 AM Reply with quote
merry christmas is definitely not from our spiritual father Abraham. Its orgin is roman paganism for sun worshippers. There is not a single evidence to prove that Isa AS was born on 25th Dec, in fact birth date of Isa is not known to anyone. Romans just fixed this date to coincide with their festival of son god.

Posted - Monday, December 26, 2005  -  10:00 AM Reply with quote
assalamu alaykum (peace)
thnx for your comments askhalifa. its always nice to hear from members
"Let us come to the commonalaties." We need not argue what day exactly Essa a.s. was borne. Qura'n sends blessings on the day that he was born. We are not sharing the fact about being son of god here. Just an expression to show that we all are the descendents of Abraham a.s. and we ought to try and prevail peace amongst ourselves.

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