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Topic initiated on Friday, December 2, 2005  -  11:20 AM Reply with quote
Global Peace and Unity Event

A Global Peace and Unity event which is taking place in London on Sunday 4th of December 2005

There is room for 40,000 people so if you havent already got one, BUY A TICKET!!

contact details:

if you wish to help out at the event please contact


The Team of UK Studying Islam will set up an introduction stand, along with books, at the event.

Posted - Monday, December 5, 2005  -  7:01 PM Reply with quote

The event was awesome- there were sooooo many people- definitely worth it... EVERYTHING was great- the speeches, nasheeds even the comedian guy...

If you didn't go, make sure you book your tickets weeks in advance next time, and do anything you can to make it!! The day went so quickly- even one whole day wasnt enough time....

Thanks to everyone who helped organise it... i will definitely be coming again next year, Insha'Allah...

Was there a Studying Islam stall???


Posted - Thursday, December 8, 2005  -  10:57 AM Reply with quote
yes it was a great success. and re: our stall we indeed were not wel- prepared for such a big crowd of 32,000 visitors mash'Allah. our material was definitely insufficient. however we were able to introduce our work on individual basis to a few guests who were interested. as the CEO announced the nexrt years programme and i feel islam chanel can come up as a platform for younger organizations like our's ; we are hoping to present our work on a larger scale in the future events insh'Allah.
be there

Regional Rep UK Chapter Studying Islam

Posted - Tuesday, December 13, 2005  -  5:56 PM Reply with quote
subhannalh indeed it was good but considering it was organised by islam chanel the event was so chaotic. there was no organisation and i cudnt belive the free mixing. it was jus a day out for sum ppl which was pretty sad but allhamdullah dr zakir naik made it worth while

Posted - Tuesday, December 20, 2005  -  11:54 PM Reply with quote
i felt it was very wel organized really. rather we were surprised to see the wel disciplined seating arrangement as well as prayer arrangement for such a large crowd. not at a single minute there was a feeling of being overcrowd. free mixing? islam channel is rather known to be more conservative about all this. i can't see where was that felt. it was a family event and it was clearly visible that families were sitting together. same was noted at the time of fire works where families watched and enjoyed together. prayer arrangements were seperate for men and women and so were wash rooms etc. however it was such a large space; may be you experienced different.

Posted - Wednesday, December 21, 2005  -  7:28 PM Reply with quote
sorry i dont mean to offend anyone i mean islam chanel has done and is doing a lot for the youth i understand the organisation of the event must have taken time and effort but for sum ppl it was " jus a day out" some girls where shouting and cheering when the nasheed artists came i personally think that should have be prohibited by the organizers of the programme. it was supposed to be islamic not jus a "day out" which it was for some ppl.

Posted - Thursday, December 22, 2005  -  3:03 PM Reply with quote

Salamz ^__^

ocean, you make it sound like sisters arent allowed to have fun :P shouting and cheering isnt haraaam you know. like you said it wasnt just a day out but it wasnt just a 'sit down and be bored out of your skull' event either. can you imagine how boring it would have been if the nasheed artists came on and all you could hear was *clap clap clap*.

im not offended at all im just curious as to why you seem to think that young female Muslims cant enjoy themselves by shouting and cheering. is that really so bad??

ps- im a girl too. and i was one of the girls who was shouting and cheering and im proud of it ^_^

Posted - Saturday, January 7, 2006  -  8:24 PM Reply with quote
i think it was an excellent event, though i was not fortunate enough to be present there, i just watched it on tv, its so delightful to know that so many muslim brothers and sisters are doing such good work to help out fellow muslims and Islam
The speeches were very good.
as far as the cheering of sister xxbasxx , i think should ask Jamshed Junaid, whether he prefered the cheering to be expressed differently to when he sang nasheeds as compared to when he used to sing ordinary songs

Posted - Friday, January 27, 2006  -  4:21 PM Reply with quote

Salamz ^_^


sorry the post is 20 days late

Wassalam .xXx.

Posted - Tuesday, February 7, 2006  -  12:48 AM Reply with quote
sorry did not mean to aim at you sister xxbasxx, i was just expressing my point of view in general terms about the cheering, again a late response!!

Posted - Thursday, November 23, 2006  -  12:51 PM Reply with quote
watch out for the in the global peace and unity event excel london on sat sun 25th 26th Nov. --titled 'faith partnership-renaissance' jointly presented by Renaissance Readers Club UK and Faith Partnership Slough, Berkshire--(stand no. T-2) ; which will display the work of Almawrid uni.of Islamic sciences and all its affiliates as well as our work with other faiths.if anyone wishes to contribute to this cause, plz write to hkhan135@aol.com or ren@brain.net.pk

plz note that the partnership's intention is not to disguise by claiming that we all don't hv any differences; rather the fact that we accept the differences among the beliefs but at the same time we invite to consider the commonalities as well-- and try to live in peace and harmony whilst exchanging views in a healthy environment.
members from other parts of the world cn send us info about their area activities and events in similar regard.

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