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Topic initiated on Saturday, October 29, 2005  -  12:50 AM Reply with quote
can someone help me regarding aiteqaaf?


My names Nabiha,n m new at this place..i jus wanted to ask abt sum help regarding aiteqaaf.I am abt to sit in aiteqaaf from monday n onwards,but i wanted sum tips abt the diff nafls i shld pray, n duas..if neone of u have sum suggestions,then i wld b pleased to knw them..plz, do help me :o)

May Allah bless everyone with his grace n mercy..Ameen !

Allah Hafiz

Posted - Saturday, October 29, 2005  -  10:32 AM Reply with quote
Wa Alaikum Salaam Dear Sister in Islam

a WARM welcome 4 U as well.

Yes U can GO 4 ur Eitikaaf on Monday till Eid moonsiting & U can Do what U want in ur Eitikaaf eg Recite Quran or Read its translation & Tafsir (Explanation) Offer Nafal Prayers & Do Duas as much as U can. There is NO Specific Thing Described for Eitikaaf. U Know Even Sleeping in Eitikaaf will be rewarded in sha Allah. Nevertheless I wud Suggest that Spend ur Max DAY-Time w Quran & Rest Early in the night after Esha & try to wake up in the Last Half of the Night & Offer Tahajjud prayer as Much U can & Then Do LOTs of Dua's for UrSelf & for others & for US too.

I hope this helps U. May Allah Accept ur Eitikaaf & All other GOOD DEEDS. Amin

your brother in Islam

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