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Topic initiated on Tuesday, September 20, 2005  -  1:41 PM Reply with quote
Youhana embraces Islam

Youhana embraces Islam

September 17, 2005 21:Text41 IST

Pakistan cricket star Yousuf Youhana, who was the only Christian in the team, has converted to Islam.

"The conversion took place with members of a 'tableegi jamaat' present with him in Mecca where he and his family said the Kalma and later performed Umra," a cricketer was quoted as saying by 'The News' on Saturday.

"Youhana and his family have also been issued certificates in the holy place confirming their Muslim status which allowed them to perform Umra," he said.

Youhana had started taking interest in Islamic teachings some years ago when he moved around with the Pakistan team and saw them praying and preaching.

"The truth is Youhana had tried to take the decision to become a Muslim some years back but facing lot of opposition and emotional blackmail from his wife, parents and other relatives, he stalled the inevitable. He then convinced his wife and children of the need to become Muslims and some players had also played a key role in this process," the report said.

"It is also true that two players of the Pakistan team played a key role in helping him take the decision which was first opposed but then supported by his wife."

The source said Youhana had already enrolled his children in a school with Islamic leanings after discontinuing their education in a modern, private school.

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