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Topic initiated on Friday, September 9, 2005  -  9:07 PM Reply with quote
What Happens When Wicked Muslims Do Nonmuslim’s De

There are many wicked Muslims, which are in search of making every nonmuslim’s, deeds lawful and it is not only bad but also shameful. One of such nonmuslim’s, deeds is hearing and playing musical instruments.

One such story is here as under.

A gang of the wicked muslims have been drinking wine and singing songs with the musical instruments at night. At some time at night they kidnapped the daughter of a poor villagers and assaulted her sexually whole the night. When her father known and reached there, wicked people murdered him. They also murdered the girls after doing what they intended being the Muslims.

Behold the state of affairs!

Posted - Sunday, September 11, 2005  -  4:39 PM Reply with quote
Sorry man U have to consult some other laws and rules.
Muslims do not deal with social- unjustice.

If u need any advice on the laws in contrary we can help, no problem.

In the above example, the women should be exposed to fear, threats and exposure to society that she is forced to take her warant back , if she has filed one , in case.
She can also be advised to leave the country.
or in other case she can be embarrased and blackmailed with help of relatives.
Her relatives can also be threatened to death.
If u want any more help. iT wont be a problem, one of my friend is in Police and I have good repo with my village Mulla and leader.

Edited by: gohar on Sunday, September 11, 2005 5:17 PM

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