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Topic initiated on Monday, September 5, 2005  -  10:11 AM Reply with quote

Asalam Aalaikum

I have started this thread for those who have any disagreement with the team of studying-islam.org and understanding-islam.org or have any kind of complain on their answers.
Please donot give your arguments or complains on the threads that are specifically made for other discussions.


Posted - Monday, September 12, 2005  -  8:50 AM Reply with quote
Thanks 4 startintg this thread. Well I've TWO complaints from are Valuable Participants of General Forums.

ONE is that are Many Participants CLICK "post reply" etc. KEY more than ONCE so Everyday I See posts that are Posted TWICE or even THRICE someimes. I wud request them to BE PATIENT & BE CAREFUL in the FUTURE.
2nd is that I'm really FED UP with the LONG ( even Longer & Longest) POSTs Bcoz My Opinion is that these r Discussion Forums so Posts SHUD be SHORT. It helps Visitors to READ posts & Participates. I've seen POSTs longer than an Average size Article & Its HARD to read them & then to Comment on them. I wud requests Paricipants that the shud Post them as Articles & give it's Link in the forum.

Let's C What's the Opinion of Other Participants

Posted - Wednesday, September 14, 2005  -  12:46 AM Reply with quote
QUOTE: - Let's C What's the Opinion of Other Participants

I would like to SUGGEST the members to do check their posts after receiving the message, “Your reply has been saved successfully” and delete their repeated replies themselves.

Too long posts are not easy to read especially on the computer screen. Short and comprehensive replies are not only easy to read but also save time of the writer. So, why shouldn’t we facilitate others and save our own time?

Posted - Sunday, September 18, 2005  -  5:11 PM Reply with quote
I would recommend that Studying-islam team starts new courses on Classical Arabic.
1. Classical Arabic Grammer course .

2. A course on Classical Arabic language like the Root system, possible derivatives, usage etc...

I would recommend forum posters to try to bring the evidence so that their point becomes stronger .

1. The Qur'an.
2. The Sunnah
3. The Authentic Hadith
4. Logic, reasoning etc..

i.e. each person presents his/her evidence and reads the evidence presented by others, the forum discussion can be very beneficial, but just discussing without presenting evidence is not so interesting .
Also never get personal, just discuss the relevant topic and if you want to prove your opinion bring the evidence.

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