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Topic initiated on Thursday, August 11, 2005  -  5:19 PM Reply with quote

Assalaamu Alaikum
I'm a boy of 19 yrs. I have a big headach for 2 months. I've been listening music for several yrs. But I friend of mine told me that it's haraam in Islaam, So anyone help me....

Posted - Thursday, August 11, 2005  -  6:35 PM Reply with quote
This topic has already been discussed so many times on this forum. Please do search through pass threads and read on that.

In my own opinion, if music is bad, then it is not allowed, if it is good, then it is ok. Examples of bad music would be where singers curse, use foul language, talk about using drugs, killing, rape, violence, alcohol, cheating on your spouse, etc. Most of the music today is of this form, plus it is normally associated with singers who use drugs and have low moral values. It is better to avoid such things as these can lead to something that is haram.

Examples of good music would be hamd, naat, anything that glorifies Allah and His majesty. You should try listening to the beautiful recitations of the holy Quran.

Then there is the third kind of music and singing which is not bad, and also not good, but merely provides entertainment and is a time pass. It is up to you if you would spend your time like this, or do something that is more productive.

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