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Topic initiated on Wednesday, August 3, 2005  -  1:34 AM Reply with quote
What to do if someone desecrates a holy book

What would you do if someone desecrates a holy scripture in front of you,

if it is Quran majeed,
or bible/gospel/torah/vedah etc.?

After telling him to stop, if he does not stop, what should one do?

Posted - Wednesday, August 10, 2005  -  7:53 PM Reply with quote
Stop him from doing so. If we are direct witnesses to this desecration, then we are responsible for trying our best to stop it. We must stop it. Now the results are important. What must one do to stop a possible desecration.

Also we should make sure that some law is passed and people are motivated by possible punishment by the authorities there so that they don't even think of desecrating a Holy Book.

I would InshaALLAH

1. Try to convince him not to do so.
2. If he still tries to desecrate after that, I would take the book from him.
3. Then I will offer him to have a discussion with me, why does he want to desecrate a book. What's the motive and will try to convince him not to try this in the future .

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