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Topic initiated on Tuesday, August 2, 2005  -  5:51 PM Reply with quote
The Muslims Defaming Islam

The Muslims, due to their deeds, are themselves responsible for defaming Islam.

The other factor is the way of discussion, which we do on the disputed topics, which cause to spread the hatred not love with one another.

We must preach only to remind doing the good deeds and every one knows; what is good and what is bad. Similarly we must remind repeatedly to offer prayers, do fasting, give Zakat, do Hajj and others. We must never advise others to teach how to offer prayers, how to do fasting etc, as every one knows and Allah Knows.

If we teach others the various methods or someone asks very simple question then it is made complicated by the discussions, which are not fruitful but spread the poison of hatred among one another. So we must be careful.

This is the requirement of the time otherwise some Quranic Ayat and the Hadith may not support it. If we want to run with the time we have to do it otherwise we must be ready for every misfortunes like even firing and bomb blasts in the mosques etc.

I hope no one would misunderstand.

Posted - Wednesday, August 10, 2005  -  9:35 AM Reply with quote
Could you explain what do you mean by 'running wiht the time'. Thanks

Posted - Thursday, August 11, 2005  -  1:15 AM Reply with quote

Running with the time is only to meet our daily needs, requirements and reliefs available but not opposed by the Qura’n or the Sunnah. So the check of our religion is must.

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