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Topic initiated on Tuesday, August 2, 2005  -  9:24 AM Reply with quote
Some Questions

1-Why was slavery Not abolished,like the drinking of Intoxicants.?
the reason it had to be a gradual process does not holds ground,If the things were so different that Father fought against his son , and viceversa, for the cause of Islam,the banning slavery should not have caused any difference, just on a side note regarding it, It was officially banned in 1962 in KSA, means it was allowed till then...?? and officially banning does not means it is abolished, unofficially it may still be continuing..In a country ....which is supposed to be one of the visible Model of an Islamic State...!!

2-There are discussions,Islam too was for a particular period,It florished when it was needed,and has failed miserably after that..!!especially as a system of governence...!!

Posted - Tuesday, August 2, 2005  -  3:13 PM Reply with quote
Slavery continues to this day in one form or another, even in countries where it is officially abolished. I am not just talking about illegal bonded labor, human traficking, etc,. but also other legal forms that for a moment do not seem like slavery. What do you call the detainees in GITMO, they are like slaves, what do you call prisoners of war - in old days POWs were called slaves, today we just use a new name POW. In many jails they make the prisoner do work and the prisoners don't get paid much. Isn't that how a slave works? Islam made rules for slavery, I don't think this menace is ever going to leave human kind. So might as well have humane rules for the treatment of slaves.

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