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Topic initiated on Tuesday, June 21, 2005  -  10:35 PM Reply with quote
Fundamentalism and intolerance

I was reading a religious decree (fatwa) that basically said it was justified to kill Americans, military or civilian does not matter. The military because they occupied Muslim lands, and the civilians because they support their government and military by paying taxes and voting in elections. More over, it said that if any Muslims are killed while attacking the 'infidels', then, if these Muslims were working for the infidels, then they deserved death, other wise if they were by-standers, children, women or old people, then they are martyrs.

I think this is the logic used by Muslim fundamentalists today that goes against the sanctity of human life, something that Islam places a lot of emphasiz on. How can such a mass slaughter be justified of people who are not involved in a conflict?

In Pakistan and Iraq there have been bombings of worshippers, esecially of Shia worshippers. Fundamentatlism breeds intolerance towards other sects and faiths. These fundamentalists have no hesitation in going into a place of worship and blowing up every one there.

How can we attract non-Muslims to the 'religion of peace' like this?

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