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Topic initiated on Tuesday, June 21, 2005  -  7:36 PM Reply with quote
Drop right but not Hayā

Hayā is the characteristic feature of a Muslim. A Muslim always lies by Hayā. Words like self respect, abstinence, modesty, bashfulness, chastity and purity present it’s meaning into English. Actually Hayā is an Arabic word which is simply not translatable into English. Anyway it is human ornament and it restraints from indulging a desire for something. It is a branch of Iman (faith) and faith is Muslim’s belief and accuracy of his life. Hayā and Iman lives for each other. If one dies other will too dies automatically. Both fetches good and drive out evil to men. Faith makes men ready to put down sins and to be obedient to Almighty Allah. Hayā keeps men stand on this track. It always reminds him to thank Allah on His bounties. It puts aside him from bad deeds. It internally rebukes, scolds, condemns and warns a person. 'Imran bin Husain said, "The Prophet said, Ḥayā does not bring anything except good.'(Bukhari, vol.8 No.138).The opposite of Hayā is indecency, indulgence and impurity which means badness in sayings and doings and by which bitterness creates in sayings. Muslim is not dry minded, hard hearted and stiff talker. These are all qualities of hell people and Muslims are meant for paradise. In Hayā, the best model is the Prophet Muhammad (Salla Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam). It is better to drop right but not Hayā. The Prophet Muhammad (Salla Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said: Indecency disfigures everything and Hayā (modesty) enhances the charm of everything. (Tirmidhi 546)
Keeping this premise in mind let us view current situation. Today Ḥayā is only by name and even name is being distorted for self interests. Man has dropped the idea of Hayā from their lives. They have attributed a new name to Hayā “the necessity of life”. For them, fornication is not indecency but an act for physical necessity of life. Gambling, prostitution, stripping, nudity, drinking, taking drugs, mingling with opposite sex are not sins. They are enjoying the beauty of other women with the eyes, relishing the sweetness of her voice with the ears, drawing pleasure of tongue by conversing with her. All are but adultery themselves. The feminine urge for display of beauty is mother evil which is linked up with the evil look. This urge is not always prominent; it is generally hidden in the depths of heart. All beautification and make up of woman which is meant to please and entertain other than the husband is absolute ignorance. This tendency is on peak in our society. Are not women use perfume and walks through people as it attracts undue attentions? The man and woman of ours so called civilized society do not feel any hesitation to uncover any part of their body. The nudity in the society is presented in many forms. A woman may be wearing clothes, but infact, her whole physique and physicality is seen through them. A woman may be wearing so tight cloths – that again their physicality is uncovered. Not only women, but men are not behind. They have also adopted the same practices – infact, they have gone beyond the limits. Why and how all this happens and whom to blame for all this? Why our youth fail to overcome little hardships of life? Why they are becoming arrogant and boastful? Yes this all is because of indecency. We have shunned God. We have shunned the concept of Hayā from our lives. Qur’an is just a book, lying in one of the corners of home. On the roads in colleges, schools, offices, hospitals, spots, marriage ceremonies etc, indulgence, extravagance, lavishness and lewdness are prevalent. Students are mostly being encouraged in this field in the name of so called fashion. Shops and decorated rooms in the core of city are being used for such practices. Every one gives blind eye towards these shops and against them no one dare to raise a voice. This type of society deserves sever punishment. Do not you see how our sisters are being disgraced, mortified and humiliated? Why we are being used to be bent on the disgrace of our sisters. Have you ever thought about the consequences of such treachery? According to the recent estimates, there is increase in the number of cases of sexually transmitted diseases particularly AIDS – which is engulfing the world at a faster speed. Recently, an estimate appeared in one of dallies that around 40,000 people are involved in AIDS. Whom to blame for all this? Have you ever thought? No, how can you thought, you are yourselves involved in such practices. You have done goodbye to Hayā and have welcomed to immodesty. Truly Qur’an refers to such people as “Deaf, Dumb and Blind, they will not return (to the right path) (2:18)
O Brothers and Sisters! Please have a look on yourselves and on your society. Are not we deaf dumb and blind. Are not we worst than the Quadruples? A Quadruple does not care for those who see. He has no Hayā and Shy. But, O brothers and sisters, you can think, see, here and speak, you are not quadruples, you are the “Ashra ful Maklukhat” (the best among creation).Think yourselves of a society, where the skin of women is used to sold a matches which costs not even Rupees. Would you tolerate your sisters’ naked picture in your room, in your office, in your car etc? No you can not. Then tell me how others can tolerate you to see pictures of their sisters. Beware of the Qiyamah (doomsday) when you will be standing before Allah. What will be your result? Have you ever think of it? If not, then think now, open the windows of your brain, use your gray matter and think what is wrong and right. Whenever men have transgressed the limit of boundaries of Allah, they have been chastised through afflictions and sufferings. The holy Qur’an is full of stories about the destination of people of prophet Nuh (AS) and people of prophet A’d (AS) who did not heed to the warning of their prophets and trespassed the boundaries of Allah. O Allah! Impose not on us that which we have not the strength to bear, grant us forgiveness and have mercy on us. You are our Protector. Help us against those who deny the truth.

Abdul Wasay Bhat
Research Scholar
Department of Islamic Studies
University of Kashmir

Posted - Wednesday, June 29, 2005  -  2:53 PM Reply with quote
very Nice

Posted - Wednesday, June 29, 2005  -  4:15 PM Reply with quote
surely v v v nice. BUT Y not u post it as an Article too?

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