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Topic initiated on Monday, June 6, 2005  -  6:55 PM Reply with quote
Family Fair / June 4th 2005

Renaissance Readers Club (Reg. 1108527), the UK chapter of our sister site www.monthly-renaissance.com (Reg. 1108527) organised a family fair in partnership with the Pakistan Welfare Association (PWA) Slough on the 4th of June Saturday 2005. The main purpose of this fair was to introduce the monthly Renaissance journal, free of charge associated on-line courses and to raise funds for the charity.
This was the 2nd fair of this thread, the first being organised in Reading, Berkshire by the cooperation of Park Community Centre on 8th January 2005. The other advantages of such an event are: bringing communities together to understand a good cause in a family-friendly environment and have time out to get to know each other.

The event was widely advertised through brochures being distributed through Mosques, community places and the local press. The local businesspersons sponsored the event by offering their products. The program took place at the purpose-built PWA community hall and public-park in Slough, the Royal County of Berkshire.

The main hall hosted all the stalls and the adjacent antechamber was used for the children’s crèche. The bouncy-castle, outdoor play area and sports activities took place in the park. The food stalls were also supplemented with a Barbeque organised in the park. At the entrance, efforts were made to obtain the contact details of the guests and information packs were issued which contained Studying Islam brochures, Renaissance, their query service and Serving Humanity project flyers. The pack also included some of the Studying Islam postal Courses application forms.

One stall was allocated for displaying the Club’s literature including Renaissance monthly journal and some books written by different scholars associated with the club, printouts of online courses and tests that we offer on our sister website Studying Islam (www.studying-islam.org) as well as introduction to our Query Service (query@monthly-renaissance.com and query@studying-islam.org) and sister website Understanding Islam (www.understanding-islam.org)

The program was spread over the day and started at 11.00am and ended at 6.00pm. At entry, the ladies proceeded to the main hall and were asked if they would like to leave their children in the fully supervised crèche that was opted by most of the families. The adolescent children preferred to join in with the sport activities that took place under the qualified supervision of football coach. The bouncy-castle was also highly in demand and was under adult supervision at all times. The children had plenty of choice and would skip between the activities from time to time. The Barbeque kept the brothers busy in the eating and making BBQ. The food stalls were a great success and included: Biryaani, chicken tikka kebabs, fresh Pakistani mangos, pakora, zarda, dhai barhay, aloo cholay, Ambala sweets, samosas and other foods. Apart from food stalls, stalls such as mehendi, face painting, jewellery and embroidered clothes stalls were an attraction. Tea and other refreshment stalls were located inside the hall. We introduced some commercial stalls on their request as an experiment, which included things such as Islamic Calligraphy and other Islamic merchandise. All food items had been consumed by 5.30pm and the stall owners were happy with the attendance. About 150 ladies, 250 children and 50 men visited the fair excluding the 30 team members who were working on site; totally voluntary just for Allah’s pleasure. May He reward them the best.

Almost all arrangement went smooth and there were comments from visitors for different arrangements specially the crèche, food and open-air sports, bouncy castle and BBQ. Mr and Mrs David from Chelvey called later in the evening to convey their appreciation that this was a wonderful event he had ever attended being a good mixture of recreational and educational programmes.
The Director of Al-Nisa project Slough, Mrs Julie Siddique commented on the outstanding feature of the fair with regards to the participation by the different ethnic groups. Mr Shoukat Wariach Chairman of PDP Slough admired the initiative and bringing the communities together. Although it was a successful venture however the team resolved to do better in the future events.

The forthcoming event is the exhibition by the Club in Slough Central Library from 15th August to 3rd September 2004.

We take the opportunity to pay our gratitude to all who helped making this event successful including

Pakistan Welfare Association, Slough, Berkshire Royal County.

Ambala Sweets, 1 Chalvey High Street, Slough

Duha Meat Store, Farnham Road Slough

Exotic Super Store, Farnham Road Slough

Kebab Express, Bath Road, Slough

Lazzat Catering Services, Hayes (0208) 581 5665

Punjab Silk Stores, 255-257 London Road, Reading

Saber Brothers, Manor Park, Slough "

Very special thanks go to the participants of our weekly Studying Circle in Slough because without their cooperation we could not make this event possible. Thanks to the local representatives of UKIM and ISB. There are many others whose names have not been mentioned here but they know who they are and their reward lies with God for helping a good community cause. We look forward to their cooperation in future as well. We ought to mention the reporters from local Weekly Observer and Mr. S. Janjua who reports for local Urdu newspapers.

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Posted - Tuesday, June 7, 2005  -  5:50 AM Reply with quote
Ma Sha Allah & Jazakum Allah The BEST

Posted - Saturday, June 11, 2005  -  8:57 PM Reply with quote

The Participation Ratio,

Men: Women: Children (50: 150: 250)

1: 3: 5

Posted - Sunday, June 19, 2005  -  12:15 AM Reply with quote
thnx ibrahim. we think that you all are doing the actual work there and we just try to propagate it wherever we are; expecting to be in the hereafter with the people working for the Truth;if we try to be with them in this world(as per a saying of the beloved sws/pbuh)

thnx Loveall. you see; thats why someone rightly said:

"If you want to get a job done, ask a busy woman"

Posted - Monday, June 20, 2005  -  10:53 AM Reply with quote
Jazak-unn-Allah khairun
Well at the moment, I think, your Efforts have MORE weight THAN ours.
May Allah give US all His BEST reward

well plz Explain, at least 4 me, your quoted SAYING

Posted - Monday, June 20, 2005  -  9:51 PM Reply with quote

QUOTE: "If you want to get a job done, ask a busy woman"

An excellent Saying. But some women are very much busy.

Posted - Wednesday, June 22, 2005  -  6:42 PM Reply with quote
i think loveall has replied your query ibrahim

the quotation means women have been given a lot of potential by Allah to cope with so many responsibilities of home and even outside. not necessarily a career woman only is busy out of home.

one of our house wives' community members told me that b/c her husband works outside all day, she has to pick n drop children to n from schools, colleges etc. buy grossaries, do rest of the home chores, pay all bills, even sort out not only her own car's rather the husband's car's MOT; and finally also helps out in local studying islam circle and other such activities.

as regards a career woman(not praising myself ) besides the work outside we have to sort out many things at home. specially in countries like this where we are not lucky like many people back home having drivers, cooks, washing and cleaning maids, maali, doodh wala, chai wala, chowkida'r, jamada'r; (won't mention tha'nedar ) so on & so forth.

Posted - Thursday, June 23, 2005  -  6:20 AM Reply with quote
Jazakillahu khairun & Barakillah Fee Masa'eeki

Posted - Thursday, June 23, 2005  -  7:31 AM Reply with quote
May Allah reward you for ur efforts!!!!
Nothing is more rewarding(in hereafter)than Dawa,h(Calling to the Way of Truth).A hadith goes:
addal,u alal khair-i ka fail-i-hi(whoever calls to a good cause,is like doing it himself/herself)!
I wish the same is done in Pakistan!(in universities,colleges etc).

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