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Topic initiated on Saturday, February 12, 2005  -  7:19 PM Reply with quote
Why cant you......

Why cant you throw away arabic text? well i mean RELIGIOUS arabic texts like Bismillah Hirah Maan Irahim?

even if you dont INTEND to insult it.

its quite irritating because i have a thousand old school books that i dont need any more which hav Bismillah Hirah Maan Irahim in them and i cant throw them out and theyr getting in the way.

id like to have a REASON for nt throwing them out plz ^_^ thank you


Posted - Monday, February 14, 2005  -  4:57 AM Reply with quote
According to my Little Knowledge There is NO HARM in doing SO If one does not have ANY intention of insulting it in the mind. BUT it is Done because some others may have Some WRONG intentions. So the Best way wil be to cut that Page or that Part of it where these type of things (like Bismillah etc.) are written & then these papers either be TORN into Max Possible little pieces OR be better if they are Burned.
I hope this Helps you dear BASMAH

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