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Topic initiated on Friday, February 11, 2005  -  9:30 PM Reply with quote
Crime Against Humanity

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Crime against Humanity

To deprive a Muslim child from his/her culture and language is a crime against Humanity. British education system is guilty of such crime for the last 50 years. The first wave of Muslims arrived with three or four languages including English but the next generation born and educated by native teachers has been subject to learn English in local accents, making them mis-fit not only for the British society at large but also for the whole world. A Muslim is the citizen of this small global village. On top of that they have been discouraged to learn Arabic and Urdu, making them cut off from their cultural roots. They are unable to enjoy the beauty of Urdu literature and poetry. They are unable to have a good communication with their parents and elders. All of them suffer from Identity Crises resulting in mental, emotional and social problems. We have lost three generations and fourth one is in the process of loosing its linguistic, Religious and cultural Identity. Respect and tolerance of different religions, cultures and languages are essential for positive community cohesion.

The solution of all those problems is state funded Muslim schools. Muslim parents should be given educational vouchers so that they could send their children to private Muslim schools. There are hundreds of state schools where Muslim pupils are in majority. In my opinion all such schools may be designated as Muslim community schools, under the control of Muslim Educational Trusts or Charities. Teacher is a role model. Bilingual Muslim teachers are required to teach bilingual Muslim pupils right from Nursery level.

The first wave of Muslims used English as an economic language and still it is meant for earning bread and butter and not used as a social and emotional language. English could become social and emotional language if Muslims start moving in and around pubs, night clubs and frequently changing partners. This is what the British establishment want them to do in order to become the integral part of the British society. Now Muslim Imams will need to show a basic command of spoken English before being allowed to enter the country to satisfy the spiritual needs of the Muslim community. The Imams from the sub-continent are already well versed in Urdu, Arabic, and Persian on top of their mother tongue, Punjabi, Bengali or Gujrati and other regional languages. Now they have to learn English as an extra burden. Urdu is a social and emotional language of the Muslims from the sub-continent and Arabic is their religious language. They are in a better position to serve the Muslim community in Arabic and Urdu so that they could feel at home in an alien British society.
Iftikhar Ahmad

Posted - Saturday, February 12, 2005  -  7:26 PM Reply with quote
i totally agree but now adays, reputation is very important too and really, if you know what the crowd follows, to speak arabic and urdu at school, is considered as 'freshified' and i think thats very sad indeed >_<

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