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Topic initiated on Friday, February 4, 2005  -  9:29 PM Reply with quote
Relation between Science and Religion

Asalam Aalaikum

Iam quoting a statement here and I would like you all to please give your comments on this statement.

"Science without Religion is lame and Religion without Science is blind"

This statement is often quoted by some of the Western Scientists who donot believe in the materialistic theories.

How many of you agree with this statement and please also present your disagreement on this statement as well If you have any.


Posted - Sunday, February 6, 2005  -  1:19 AM Reply with quote
Wa Alaikum Assalaam,

I personally very much agree with the statement. Taking the first part, "Science without religion is lame" (this bit was actually originally quoted by Albert Einstein) - it makes perfect sense. Science on it's own explains the "hows" of the world and the universe - it explains how the universe was created, how the earth goes around the sun, how our body works etc - but all of this is quite pointless is we choose to ignore the "why" behind it all... why was the universe created, why do we exist etc.. all these questions can only be answered by religion. So, here's a new quote for u: "Science explains how, religion explains why"

Moving on to the second part: "Religion without science is blind" - this must have been brought up to answer the "How do i know that my religion is the right one, and not any of the others i see in the world today?" - Now, if i were to believe in Islam just because my parents tell me to, that would be blind faith, i wouldnt even be justifying it to myself, let alone non-Muslims i meet everyday. But by using science (the quest for knowledge), I can show that Islam and the Holy Qur'an do indeed encourage science and in turn, modern scientific facts can be found in the Qur'an, and these are the basis by which we justify our faith to be genuine and not blind. I could give u examples of such scientific facts if you'd like...

Hope that helped. May Allah guide us all on to the straight path, Ameen.

Posted - Thursday, February 10, 2005  -  7:27 PM Reply with quote

Asalam Aalaikum

It seems that you fully agree with this statement and believe this famous statement to be true.

According to your opinion,science gives us information regarding the function of the Universe and other parts of nature but religion tells us the purpose for which these things are created but are you sure that all the religions in the world gives us information about the purpose of the creation of these heavenly bodies and parts of nature?
(we know that this part of the statement is talking about all religions in general instead of talking about a perticular religion).

We know today that other divine revelations like Torah and Bible are not present in their original form and many verses in them were distorted,keeping this fact in view, how will you justify the first part of this statement:

"Science without Religion is

Now lets move on to the last part of this statement:

"Religion without Science is

We should note that this last part of the statement also doesnot talk about a specific religion only but about all the religions in general.

It means that Religion is not independent in guidance and requires a support of Science, it means that Religion is completely dependent on Science since it gives direction to Religion, are you sure that it gives direction to all the religions in the world or specific religion?

If you believe that Islam is the only religion which is in complete harmony with Modern Scientific research, then how can you prove that
the remaining Scientific facts which are yet to be discovered in the future
will also have its basis in the Qur'an?


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