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Topic initiated on Thursday, January 6, 2005  -  10:21 AM Reply with quote
Why are you a Muslim?

Assalamu Alaikum,

Why not a Jew or Christian ?why not deist? why not agnostic?

While reading about different thing or even from life experinces I come close to many things which reveal the truth of Islam (here I don't mean only the submission but going beyond that to the truth of Muhammad's prophethood and Qur'an) However I found it not simple to just put down those thoughts to look at them together and see how convincing are they.

I would like to see any already published essay and hear back from you regarding this subject.


Posted - Sunday, January 9, 2005  -  4:36 AM Reply with quote
w'assalaam Dear Desert-son

ps "Islam: the Only Choice"http://www.studying-islam.org/articletext.aspx?id=883

Also I think you can find quite a bit written about this in the forum initiated by mertfaruk



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Posted - Sunday, January 9, 2005  -  9:36 PM Reply with quote
**this is in answer to WHY ARE YOU A MUSLIM**

because ive never found anything within Islam to be illogical. ...Islam is full of logic and it doesnt tell you to do something without a reason

like...dont tell other people to stop eating sweets when you're eating them yourself **lol** ...you're gonna get found out about in the end and thats just going to result in the loss of your dignity and people are gonna stop trusting you and its gonna make life hard for YOU.

**yep all because you couldn't lay off the candy...humans are evil...**

and ...well...to be quite honest if my parents hadn't brought me up to be a muslim and if i was a Christian i doubt i'd bother to pick my butt up and go learn about other religions. just the way i am now. yeah im happy bein a Muslim thanks i dont wanna explore the world and discover other cultuires just leave me aloooooooone >_< sowi if im insulting anybody im not close minded im just down right lazy

so THANK YOU MOM AND DAD!! ;) and Thank You Allah for making me a MUSLIM!!!



now im going to close my eyes, make a prayer and INSHA'ALLAH my history essay will be complete and ready for a level 7/8.... >_< ...**sigh** somethings just dont go away unless you work hard. greeeeat...

Jhangeer Hanif

Posted - Monday, January 10, 2005  -  10:06 AM Reply with quote
There is a book, Our Journey to Islam, which depict the stories of people who converted to Islam. I think they can best describe what really attracted them and why the found Islam invincible. For a born Muslim, it seems a bit difficult and may seem rather odd to describe that Islam is the TRUTH. It may sound like self-praise. I have read a book review of this book, which may be found at: http://www.monthly-renaissance.com/Julbore2y4.html
Please try getting this book.
And If you can, meet those people around you, who have embraced Islam.

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