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Topic initiated on Thursday, August 21, 2003  -  5:43 PM Reply with quote
The solution of problems - Islam

Any variation, addition or alteration in the laws, rules and regulations prescribed by Allah (SWT) leads to the destruction of not only the persons who violate such rules but it ruins the entire socity and the whole human civilization. The Islamic cannons are perfect code of conduct for entire life of a Muslim. Maulana Maududi (A.R) mentioned, ?Every distress, discomfort in the life of a man is because of devation from the Shariah?. Certainly, when one betrays or crosses the Hudood (boundaries) of Shariah there occur worries, distress, unrest, discomfort etc above all the great disaster associated with it is that it leads to spread of evil.
Let we take a self assessment for just few seconds in our rooms with closed eyes but with doors of mind and heart open, we will reach to the conclusion that reason behind most of the problems in our society or our personal lives are because of deviation from Islamic principles. Root cause of every problem whether public or private is result of betrayl from noble path-Din. Let we illustrate the generalization from the contemporary society, where there is mix gathering of males and females be it in schools, colleges, universities, offices or in any other working place- evil starts from here, such places facilitate the devil, provide opportunity to mislead ummah.
When both genders mix together there is probability for evil to generate. Everyone, of us is aware about the impact of such free mixings although some of our neo-modernists label it as modernism, progressism and need of the hour.
To maintain moral character of a society one thing that needs to be implemented is to minimize free contact between males and females. The free contact of a female with Ghair-Muharram leads to severe temptations as is evident from jahalian society and contemporary societies. Imam Qurtubi (A.R) in his exegesis of Quran Tafir-e-Qurtubi writes, ?Allah (SWT) has commanded Muslims women to talk in a straight forward and concise manner with (Ghair-Muharram) men. The tone of their voice should be devoid of softness and sweetness unlike the street women and uncivilized women of olden days who used to sweet talk men. A woman should be very careful while talking to (Ghair-Muharram) men even if they are members of her in-laws. She should speak in a firm voice without being loud?. Further various Quranic texts and Ahadith of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) are explicit about it.
Another diverging problem in our society is negligence of purdah (veil) by women. Most of the female in our society move unveiled. They prefer to wear their own prescribed dress to Islamic dress code as recommended for women. They use to wear what ever they like, what is trend of the society or what ever suits on them, roam with painted faces, beautifully coloured hair, with maximum parts of the body as exposed, duptas on shoulders and use to imitate ballywood and Hollywood stars. Whatever they like in hollywoodand bollywood actresses they try to adopt it and get delighted by copying the western culture and Mumbi style.
Whenever a woman walks in such a ?style? she becomes an object to be seen, to be discussed, to be ghazed. Thus she does not harm herself only but harms others also indirectly. When one woman takes 10% from the western culture another bold nari of our society does not want to lag behind and adoptes 20% and in the same way process of imitation goes on. These women want to look attractive so as to earn the title of ?beautiful woman? but is this really a beauty? To what they call beauty?
These poor women ignore that real beauty of a women lies in her sirah, modesty, politness, humbleness; her womanhood is itself a beauty in its own way. No garment others than Hijab suits on her, no other style other than Islamic style fits on her. Hijab is not only a garment to be worn but it has diverse implications. Word ?Hijab? literally means-screen, curtain, partion, concealment, or to cover, to conceal, or to hide onself from the view of Ghair-Muharrams. It gives security to a Muslim women, differentiates them from the non-Muslims woman. It is for this reason that verses of Surah Ahzab were revealed:-
?O Prophet! Tell thy wives and daughters, and the believing women, that they should cast their outer garments over their persons (when out of doors) that is most convenient. That they should be known (as such) and not molested. And Allah is often forgiving, most Merciful?. (Surah Ahzab: 59)
Hijab safeguards the chastity of woman and there is less chance for a woman to be teased, it represents something and has definitely effect on those who have sense. It makes a sensible man to think that she must be a Muslim lady. Allama Abu Hayyan (A.R) in Al-Bahrul-Muhit narrates,? the advantage in observing hijab is that these women are recognized as pious and respectable. Thus, the perverts would not have to face unpleasantness. Nobody will dare follow and make advances to a woman who has completely concealed herself as opposed to the one who has come out nicely decorated without Hijab; the malicious and evil-minded folk will associate great hopes with such women?.
Besides this other Islamic doctrines tell us that a women deserves to be hidden-her body as well as her voice. However, some persons who are being motivated and influenced by western way of life try to interpret the Quranic texts and traditions of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) in their own way and invite other to follow the same way. They used to argue with statement about the ?liberty of women? come out with slogans ?as why only woman needs to be hidden? and talk about the ?Equality of man and woman? and all such cries like that.
These people forget that Islam was not confined to nations before us but it is a Din to be followed by every nation, to the present generation and to generations who will came after us. It is the only perfect religion without any uncertainty, there is no way for the argument ?why? it is as it is and is to be followed without any query. There is no injustice in the religion of Islam in any manner or in any regard. Infact when we ponder over Quran we come to know that it is it only religion that has taken care of even minute things of a person?s life, society around him and everything. Such terms as ? why this and why not this ? are put in our minds by those people who don?t like the supremacy of Islam and they by hook or crook try to divide Ummah, to disunite them, to create ambiguity. It is duty incumbent upon Muslims to be strong and powerful and not allow European and western forces to dominate over Muslims or let them to disunite Muslims.
For a pure Islamic society it is responsibility of both genders to work for Amar bil Maruf and Nahi anil Munkar (command for good and prohibition of evil) and at the same time they have to reform themselves too and to apply Islamic cannons in day to day affairs.
By applying and following the Islamic doctrines in life one feels everlasting soothing effect as Islam is a way to salvation and solution to every problem, discomfort, distress.
May Allah (S.W.T) guide us to the right path?


My friend

Posted - Friday, August 22, 2003  -  7:54 AM Reply with quote
Assalamu Alaikum,

Masha Allah sister you have said the truth. Our noble prophet(PBUH) did not leave a single stone unturned when he delivered our Creator's message to the world. The Qur'an and ahadith are there for any real seeker of truth.
As it is the Ummah is in 2 groups; ummatul da'awah( that is the whole world, since he (PBUH) was sent to all). And ummatul ijabah(which is the Muslims). Unfortunately our people today have abandoned that call/answer and they have given in to temporary worldly plasures. The Hijab has become oppression, the laws of Allah are 'against' human rights, nudity is fashion and the in thing.Subhanallah. One has to spend sleepless nights to protect his kids in this immoral society!!
The reality of what you are saying is more evident in the western societies, where you see muslim brothers and sisters fighting to wash themselves of their islamic identity, trying to fit in to the society.Misquoting the Qur'an and ahadith to suit their purposes. Do you know that there is an association of Muslim gays and lesbians? It is called al-fatiha. there was a time such a group wanted to build a masjid for themselves! Somehow women are always the easiest target and our hijab is enemy number one! Luckily enough we are dressing to please Allah and nobody else. When Allah said in the Qur'an as translated;'do not go near zinah' I believe it means one should not engage in any act using his five senses to do any thing that will lead him to the path of committing adultery. This means a world of things!
Fortunately the reverts make up for the loss, 'cos they read and understand Islam as it should be and they are happy with it alhamdulillah.

our attitudes combined with the efforts of the enemies of Islam is in no small measure making things look really bad. most of those born in to islam are not doing enough da'awah and are acting as if they own the religion.

Da'awah in this day , i feel should strongly focus on Muslims and their behaviours.we received a letter from a man last month who is claiming that he is a prophet and that he has his own book from Allah( inna Lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un!)astagfirullah. we drew attention of the brothers in America to at least say something - upto this moment nobody has bothered to say anything!

Somehow, i always sleep very happy with the knowledge that Allah has promised to protect the Qur'an our book and the deen of Islam.

may Allah protect us from the evils of ourselves and guide us to the right path.I hope i did not digress from the topic.

Assalamu Alaikum.


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