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Topic initiated on Thursday, December 23, 2004  -  2:28 AM Reply with quote
save our children from bigotry

My loved one attends the Punjab College of Commerce, which as I am told is infested with bigotry of its kind.

The recent function started with the usual Hamd and Naats, which can get quite cumbersome depending on the talents of those whose voices have suffered from hitting puberty :)

What is more serious though are the fiery speeches of the 'what did we do for our brethren in Iraq and Afghanistan?' There was rhetoric of Jihad et al.

This is quite serious, we cannot afford to lose more kids to the fuel of bigotry. This must stop.

PS: My friend and I attended this Friday prayer in Edmonton. Different city, same story. The cleric once again young and charged up with hormones, ranted on Iraq et al.

Naturally, my old friend, quite concerned, sent an email to the MSA with suggestions as to the toning down of rhetoric. He received no response.

PS: If any of you encounter this, please ensure that you stop the youth from going astray.

Posted - Tuesday, February 15, 2005  -  5:26 AM Reply with quote
---- we cannot afford to lose more kids to the fuel of bigotry----

I do not understand. Please explain what is going on.

Posted - Tuesday, February 15, 2005  -  12:47 PM Reply with quote

well geez brothers if you're going to complain about young people being given biased views about almost everything then why don't you DO something about it???

i mean, its one thing to tell all the young people that they're being fed rubbish by the media and its totally another to actually stop that or even TRY to stop that from happening

we can all just say something and complain and stuff, but its the people who do something about it that make a difference to anything.

its like saying: omg bush makes a totally rubbish presedent and then voting for him. crazy aint it? well thats what you're doing right now. being a moaner

i can say im fat and then eat chocolate or i can say im fat and then go to the gym.

think about it

and if ive totally got the wrong end of the stick, blame my age


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