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Topic initiated on Sunday, December 12, 2004  -  11:35 PM Reply with quote
I passed Plab 1

Alhamdolillah , I passed Plab 1 exam.This has been achieved only by the Blessings and Kindness of Allah.I must also thanks to the senior members of studing-islam forum whose encouragements and sincere advises were always on my side.Now my Plab 2 is in March.I would request for any sincere advise on how to go through this exam from the members of medical faculty in Study Islam forum.
Jazaak Allah
Dr.Arshad Khan

Posted - Thursday, December 16, 2004  -  3:04 PM Reply with quote
congrats on passing plab 1:) i just took plab part2 and waiting for the result.
what i advise u is to take Dr. Fehmidas course its really worth taking and stick to the notes they deliver in lectures. inshallah u will pass thru it safely:)

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