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Topic initiated on Friday, August 15, 2003  -  7:49 PM Reply with quote
Usama's Army and Leadership of Ummah

Salamon Alaykom,

I have a question and was told that will be able to receive answers if posted here:

The prophet (PBUH) ordered the army of Usama to move to the boarders for war. This took place when the prophet was already suffering from the illness that resulted in his passing away. The historical records are evident that:
a) Even when the prophet was in his difficult moments of illness he did not asked the army to stop.
b) All the major pioneers of Muhajers and Ansar were in the army, including Abubakr and Umar.

My question is:
Assuming that the prophet knew that he was passing away (as apparent from many historical documents), why he wanted to send the closest companions (and in fact the potential candidates for Khelafat) far away? I was thinking that in such circumstances a wise decision would be to keep the potential candidates for khelafat close and in access.

Imagine if the army had prepared a couple of days earlier and they had all gone to war. Then the prophet would pass away while almost none of his close companions where there.

Please explain the idea behind sending the army in that precious time.

On a side note, please also let me know the status of Ali with regrad to the army as his name is mentioned no where with regard to Usama army.

Many thanks.

Jhangeer Hanif

Posted - Friday, August 22, 2003  -  12:43 PM Reply with quote
You have raised a good question.

If you can assume that the Holy Prophet (pbuh) knew that he would pass away, why not assume that he also knew (he was told by Allah) that the army would not go. Abu Bakar (rta) and Umar (rta) would remain in Medina. The purpose of assembling such an army was only to test and try the Companions as to who agree on the selection of the Prophet (pbuh), Usama (rta).

There must be some valid reason that Ali (rta) did not participate in the army; Perhaps, his wife was sick.

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