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Topic initiated on Sunday, November 21, 2004  -  9:55 AM Reply with quote
Hijab Ban in France

Given the following (please read first), will a similar argument be valid for the Hijab ban in the context of French law?


Those non-Muslims, who desire to live in a Muslim state, will have to adhere to the general social and socio-moral norms of the Muslim society in which they reside. Therefore, public sale of liquor shall not be allowed even for the non-Muslim citizens of a Muslim state.

Posted - Sunday, November 21, 2004  -  2:53 PM Reply with quote
A very interesting question indeed.
I wonder if drinking alcohol and choosing a specific dress code for oneself are considered moral rights or immoral activities equally in all civilized societies???

Posted - Tuesday, November 23, 2004  -  5:22 PM Reply with quote
A similar argument is not valid for the Hijab ban because hijab is not harmful to anyone, but alcohol is, even a non-Muslim will say that alcohol is bad. You cannot compare getting drunk and killing people on the road to something you can wear, a harmless piece of cloth. There is a valid reason behind alcohol ban, it kills people. There is no valid reason for the dress code.

Posted - Wednesday, November 24, 2004  -  5:52 AM Reply with quote
I agree according to the notion of liberty, the French decision was incorrect.

However, the point is that if a State has a set of secular principles that it wishes to uphold then it has all right to do so. Just as we cherish our Islamic values, the French cherish their secular laws and separation of State from Church.

In my opinion I see no problems in their decision, also given the fact of increasing Muslim fundamentalism in Europe.

However, the Bavarian ban on Hijab is discriminatory as it is focused against Muslims whereas other faiths are free to bear their crosses and skull caps.

The French ban exists in government institutions, my question is, were the government schools set up according to our customs in the first place? Did the Muslims try to open Islamic Schools? Did the Muslims contribute to the French society, how many of them entered politics? If not the issue lies elsewhere, doesn't it?

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