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Topic initiated on Friday, November 12, 2004  -  1:42 AM Reply with quote
Old bigotry of Muslims

In his lifetime Abu Hanifa was disgraced, called ignorant, inventor of new beliefs, hypocrite and kafir. He was imprisoned and poisoned. He died in 150 A.H. [circa 767-768 C.E.].

Imam Shafi`i was called devil and imprisoned. Prayers were said for his death. He was taken in captivity from Yemen to Baghdad, in a condition of humiliation and degradation.

Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal was kept in prison for 28 months, with a heavy chain around his feet. He was publicly humiliated, slapped and spat upon. Every evening he used to be flogged. All this was because of the controversy regarding whether the Quran was `uncreated'

I suppose Imam Malik got it easy! :)

Comment: Muslims out of habitual bigotry never spared the Grand Imams, what can I expect from them regarding lesser mortals like myself?

Posted - Friday, November 26, 2004  -  12:21 AM Reply with quote
In health there is no hit and trial method but evidence based. I think, I have been assessed wrongly. I am not religious fundamentalist but claimed according to the rules and regulations set all over the world regarding health. For example I can never project something on the basis of my own experience unless and until passed through a set process when it can never be denied by any one but is given the status of a textbook. If we can read the medical books of Hindu authors like K. Das, PJ Kumar etc why not those of Muslim authors like you.

The topic was health related having no evidence based logic and how can we convince the others who show us a huge dustbin. Do not forget, if your studies full all the criteria, may help not only the patients but also undergraduate and postgraduate medical students to help write their thesis or dissertations and your name will be quoted as a reference.

Posted - Friday, November 26, 2004  -  1:07 PM Reply with quote

I suppose Imam Malik got it easy! :)

Just to correct you, brother.

"As a Jurist, he [Imam Malik] was not afraid of giving a "Fatawa" (Legal Islamic Ruling) even if it was against the Caliph and he was once flogged for doing so."


Posted - Monday, November 29, 2004  -  11:46 PM Reply with quote
Kuwaiti anti-war cleric sentenced

Sunday 28 November 2004, 19:55 Makka Time, 16:55 GMT

A Kuwaiti court has upheld a two-year suspended jail sentence of a leading religious scholar who publicly opposed the emirate's support for last year's US-led invasion of Iraq.

A judge confirmed the verdict against Hamid al-Ali on Sunday, according to his lawyer Usama al-Munawar.

"He rejected the appeal launched by the public prosecution which called for jailing my client," the lawyer added.

Al-Ali is the former secretary-general of the Salaf Movement and was originally sentenced on 19 June.

The appeals court supported another court order that al-Ali pay $3400 and maintain good conduct for two years after being accused of challenging the amir's constitutional rights, al-Munawar said.

It also backed a ruling that found al-Ali guilty of defaming Arab leaders by calling them "traitors" and "failures", and also of "insulting the [Kuwaiti] state's reputation".

Ali was additionally charged with calling for demonstrations and meetings without obtaining a licence.

The charges were based on Ali's fatwa, or religious edict, which stated that "any backing by a Muslim country of foreign troops in attacking another Muslim state contravenes Islamic teachings".

The verdict is final unless the public prosecution appeals to the supreme court.

Several Islamic activists are still on trial on charges of carrying out attacks against US forces in Kuwait or for allegedly being associated with Usama bin Ladin's al-Qaida network.

Kuwait, which was invaded by Saddam's army in August 1990 and occupied for seven months, served as the main launchpad for last year's US-led war.

The invasion was overwhelmingly opposed by Muslim countries all over the world.


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