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Arrangement of the Quran

Code:                   DLC/Q/4

Resource Person:  Javed Ahmad Ghamidi/Shehzad Saleem

Author:                Shehzad Saleem

Instructor:          Hafiz Muhammad Ibrahim

Pre-requisites:   None 

Duration:             Open 

Module 1

A. The Classical View

Section I: Divisions of the Quran  

            i. Initial Format
                   a. Verses
                   b. Surahs
            ii. Later Format
                   a. Divisions regarding the Meaning
                   b. Divisions regarding Memorization

Section II: Nazm (Order and Arrangement)

            i. The Advocates
                   a. Nazm as ‘Word Meaning Relationship’
                   b. Nazm as ‘Linear Connection’
            ii. The Adverseries

Section III: Makkan and Madinan Division

Module 2

B. The Contemporary View

Section I: General Introduction to the Quranic Nazm

Section II: Group Nazm

            i. Description
            ii. Features
                   a. Central Theme
                   b. Description of the Prophetic Mission
                   c. Makkan and Madinan Surahs
                   d. Surah Pairs
                           1. Brevity and Detail
                           2. Principle and Illustration
                           3. Different Types of Evidence
                           4. Unity of Opposites
                           5. Premise and Conclusion  
            iii. Sequence

Section III: Surah Nazm  

            i. Central Theme
ii. Addressees
            iii. Subdivisions
            iv. Progression

                   a. Parallelism
                   b. Affinity
                   c. Parables
                   d. Parenthetical Sentences
                   e. Reminder and Admonition
                   f. Return to the Origin


            Appendix A. Nazm of Group II
            Appendix B. Nazm of Surah Nisa

Appendix C. View of the Orientalists


June 2024

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