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Message to my Country's Quaid (Leader) On Pakistan Day!!
Author/Source: Basmah Saqib  (awesome.vampiress@googlemail.com) Posted by: xxbasxx
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I have written this poem being inspired by the Urdu feminist poets from the anthology 'We Sinful Women', translated and edited by Rukhsana Ahmad

in response to the "Islamic" legislation which reared its ugly head in the 80s. Being a student of Law I have special interest in such & others. I do not wish to point out Pakistan specifically because women everywhere else in the world including the West also go through various injustices, but in this particular theme the issues faced by our Pakistani sisters are addressed specifically.

(Basmah Saqib: An ex-member and moderator of Young minds @ Studying Islam)

Oh Women,

Why is it that you had to break the rules

in order to be heard?

How can a society who's rules do not apply to you

pretend that you belong to it?

Oh my country,

No. Please, do not claim my loyalty is yours

until you are loyal to me

No, thank you, I will be fine without your protection

I am fully capable of protecting my self

The most your rules do is expose me to violence

And snatch away my liberty and freedom.

I will get by with my chadar and chappal

You cannot protect my chappal from wearing away

by stealing the road I walk on

You cannot protect my chadar from blowing away

by stealing the wind it blows on

And in the name of God, no less!!

Glossary:chadar:a wide and long sheet that usually Muslim women use to cover their heads and bodies.


SakienaBeg In nature the most precious things(gold, diamonds, platinum, silver, pearls, and of course the lifelblood of the modern world OIL), are found deep within the earth and requires lots of hard work to bring out into the open. why then should the most precious of Allh's creation,Human beings in general and women in particular, be so easily uncovered?
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