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Why the Messengers?
Author/Source: Henna Khan  (hkhan135@aol.com) Posted by: student
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(the inspiration to inscribe the following originates from the writer's interaction with the people who do not believe that messengers/prophets' teachings are crucial for guidance-rather just the divine books are enough)

There are many who believe that only Books/Qura'n is adequate for guidance and prophets' teachings are not required.

The problem with such a mind is that on one hand they can produce scripts and scripts from the theory they believe in, in this case Qur'an, -but sadly on the other hand when they face a tricky situation like an squabble/conflict/anger etc. they are totally lost and have no idea how to retort in a suitable manner- the problem being that such have focused in theory whilst completely ignoring/rejecting the practical models/prophets (sws/peace be upon them all) which came along to show the comportment and attitudes in practice-even though these are theoretically mentioned in the revelations, finally completed in Qur'an.

Just like if we 'theoretise' 100s of surgical skills books and skip the practical dissection of cadavers/dummies, then when a real and live human body lays open in front of us to operate, we would be lost where to start and where to finish-even though if we have memorized the theory to an incredible level.

If writing and words would be enough for practice in day to day life, specially whilst dealing with other human beings, could not the Almighty just leave the written words and scriptures at places for us to read and pick; and copy and print; and email and so on-why the selection of the prophets to come along and preach??

This is why even angels were not sent down as models as God says in Qur'an-because we needed a human model to show how he can ignore and forgive, teach and care, and give and forget, in spite of being-- just a human-being..

rashid23 Calling Quran a book of THEORY lacking practical aspects is shere GUMRAHI
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